Monday, August 03, 2015

Letting her take the reins

‎We were far from home (this week's Thematic theme: head here to share yours) visiting extended family when our daughter asked if we could take a photo walk.

We've done this before, and I smile a little smile every time she brings it up. Because there are few things I enjoy more than exploring a new place with the kids, and seeing it through their eyes.

I handed my DSLR to her and my wife's superzoom to our youngest son, and we set off on this sunny/hazy morning to explore the paths by the river.

I only had my smartphone, ‎which allowed me to simply hang back and watch them do their thing. And what I ended up seeing made the entire trip worthwhile. They're significantly better at composition at their respective ages than I was at least a decade later. They're destined to be far better photographers than I ever was. Isn't it every parent's wish for their kids to exceed them?

I don't know how many more photowalks we'll get together before they decide they're too old to hang with their dad this way. But I'll hold onto moments like these for as long as they allow us to have them.

Your turn: Where should we wander next?


21 Wits said...

Just begin somewhere, your feet will show you where! All your children have learned from the best you know, surely by the use of the camera lens, I just know it! As for them not hanging out with dad, I don't think that will ever happen either, not completely! I always enjoyed my moments with my father, happily I can bring them back in memory now!

Somewhere round about said...


wherever she suggests!