Monday, December 14, 2020

Gelt to the rescue

Making do with what we've got
London, ON
December 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Our fourth and final - for now - photo from the kitchen table cherry jam still-life series does not, in fact, involve cherries or jams at all.

Because after I had finished shooting the empty jelly jar, I figured once I had the camera out and set up I should find something else to play with. Enter the cheese grater.

Some context: A few weeks ago, I suffered a grievous cheese slicing injury while using the old hand grater. I'll spare you the details, but when someone asks you if investing in a quality box grater is worth it to prevent unplanned bodily mutilation when all you wanted was a nice pile of mozza for Taco Tuesday, the answer is always an emphatic yes.

So we bent to consumer-first pressure and bought a new box grater. Now, I have this thing with new objects: I like to take pictures of them before their first use. Not sure why. Maybe I don't want to waste time PhotoShopping the scuffs and scrapes out in post. Perhaps I just like the aesthetic of newness. Whatever. Add it to my ever-growing list of personal quirks.

As I set up the shot, I couldn't quite get the right alignment, hence the meta-view of Chanukah gelt ("gelt" - Yiddish term for money. For Chanukah, kids often get chocolate coin-shaped gelt because, well, Jews like to eat) under my lens hood. Shockingly, it worked like a charm.

In the end, photography is improvisation. Or spontaneous insanity on the kitchen table. Or catharsis. Or perhaps it's all of these things. In any language.

Whatever you're celebrating, I hope it's sweet.

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