Monday, July 19, 2021

A picture of a picture of a smoky sun

Those aren't clouds
London, ON
July 2021
This photo originally shared on Instagram

This is what the sun looks like over #ldnont tonight - turned a deep orange by smoke from wildfires burning in northwest Ontario.

I'm so shaken by what I'm seeing - amid an Environment Canada special air quality statement that warns of dangerous levels of soot and gasses in the atmosphere - that I'm not even bothering to process my images off of my camera-camera before sharing it here, So you'll have to content yourself with a fast-grab of the photo on the Nikon's screen, taken from my smartphone.

I may as well be looking at Venus, which seems fitting given the otherworldliness of the spectacle that now hangs, literally, over our heads.

They say climate change is a myth. Whoever "they" are, they're wrong.

They should stand here in my backyard and watch our nearest star get blotted out by smoke from fires burning upward of 2,000 km away from here.

They should stand amid ruined villages in Europe, decimated by so-called hundred-year floods that now occur at far shorter intervals.

They should stand on a beach near Vancouver, B.C. and smell the shellfish spontaneously cooking on the burning sand.

Those who deny the science, who pretend it's all hype, who ignore the on-the-ground impact, deserve no audience.

The thing is, in denial or not, we all did this. And no one, planetary defender or climate change denier alike, can afford to stand idly by and allow it to continue to happen.

Which begs the question: at what point do we stand up and say, "Enough"?

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