Friday, July 30, 2021

Same building, again, painted by the sun

That friendly glow
Stratford, ON
July 2021
This photo originally shared on Instagram

The setting sun reflects lovingly across the old white paint that barely covers this worn-out concrete-block building, its orange glow splaying out for a few fleeting seconds before fading out for good.

But you have to stand just so to see it. Otherwise, it’s just another relic nearly lost to time, another forgettable piece of barely qualified architecture, easily ignored by all who pass by.

There’s a lesson here. That how a thing - a building, an anything, an anyone - looks depends almost entirely on where we stand, on what lens we choose to look through, on how we feel at that particular moment.

There are no absolutes here. Two people can stand next to each other and absorb whatever is in front of them in radically different ways. Or the same person can come back another day, and tell an entirely different story. Or maybe just blink and feel the same scene in a new manner.

The universe paints us all in different ways - just as it paints this old structure in countless tones that can’t be predicted before we open our eyes to take in the show.

Which is why I resolve to return here another time. To tell another story, perhaps. Or to remind myself, again, that we owe it to ourselves - and to each other - to look at inanimate objects and people alike from more than one perspective.

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