Thursday, July 01, 2021

Storms building to the east

Angry skies
London, ON
June 2021
This photo originally shared on Instagram

I get these creative visions on occasion, like lightning bolts of inspiration that pop into my head and refuse to let go.

While walking the dog the other evening, I noticed a massive thunderstorm boiling up in the skies to our east. It was oppressively hot and humid, just the kind of conditions for dangerous pop-up thunderstorms.

That's when that vision thing hit me, and I thought to myself, "Myself, I should take a photo of these wicked clouds."

The problem: all I had was my iPhone. So I skittered back to the house, unhooked the puppy, grabbed a camera with a more appropriate lens, and headed back out.

Weather radar showed the formation moving away from us, so the clock was ticking. Unfortunately, hot, humid air hitting the glass surface of a lens that's been sitting in dehumidified air conditioning makes for a foggy, soupy mess.

I may as well have been holding a hunk of ice, as there was no way this thing was going to warm up anytime soon. So I gently cleaned the lens, then shot quickly before the fog inevitably clouded the lens once more.

It became a fun little game. Clean. ShootShootShoot. Clean. ShootShootShoot. Kick yourself for allowing the camera to sit in the basement office where temperatures approach near-absolute-zero.

In the end, the photo here more or less matches the vision I had when I first spotted the cloud. I didn't count on battling a foggy lens, but the experience teaches me the hurdles we jump through to get the final result are often more significant than the final result itself.

Now please don't mind me while I look for some better insulated storage options for my equipment.

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