Monday, July 05, 2021

29 years...

So much ahead of us...
July 1992
Laval, QC
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This is what Debbie and I looked like the day we got married, 29 years ago today.

Time has been kind to her. And while I wear my years a little more obviously, they’ve been good to me, as well. Because the kid I was on July 5, 1992 couldn’t have fully appreciated just how lucky he was, and would be.

As is often the case when you’re young, newlywed-me didn't fully appreciate how time worked. How it would move so quickly, yet never feel like it. How it could give and take away, often at the same time. How no matter what we went through, we would always find some way to figure it out together - whatever “it” ultimately turned out to be.

I've clearly had a few years to learn the lessons I needed to learn, yet it still feels like I blinked. And no matter how quickly the universe got us from there to here, I'm thankful that she still puts up with my decidedly weird way of experiencing life. That she still looks at me the same way I look at her. Still finishes my sentences. Still has that uncanny ability to know me better than I know myself.

I’m under no illusions: none of this is magic or automatic. We work at it, every day, whether it’s a milestone or not. And it’s in the everyday - the dog-walks, the planning-the-day-that-will-be and dissecting-the-day-that-was conversations, the FaceTime cooking sessions with the kids, the cleanup ballets in a busy kitchen, the quick texts from wherever we may be - that lives like ours grow the kind of roots that make our family whole. And so deliciously unique.

I like to listen to her voice. How she’s so fiercely, always, “there” for our kids. How she leans in when she speaks to you. How she makes even the worst days better because she’s in them. How she is the gravity that keeps us all grounded and focused.

Looking back, I’d change nothing. Well, maybe I would have met and married her sooner. But timing aside, this is more than the life I could have dreamed of, and I'm a better human being because she chose me.

And while I can’t create time, she has indeed taught me to make the best use of what we have. I’m thankful to have had 29 years with her to figure it all out. 29 action-packed, sometimes messy, deliriously happy, occasionally sad, intermittently challenging, ever rewarding, always together, limitlessly charmed years.

Thank you will never be enough, but for now it'll have to do. I love you, sweets.

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