Monday, September 13, 2021

Another reason to celebrate

This collage originally shared on Instagram

Shh, it's someone's birthday today. And if this all feels a little familiar, there's a reason for it: Debbie's birthday is the day after Dahlia's. Every year. The best birthday present ever.

The one thing I've noticed over the years of trying to capture Debbie through a lens is that she's always in the middle of things. Which is no surprise, as she is the very centre of our world. Every photo of every family get-together somehow features her. Every photo, and every moment, is better because she's right where she needs to be. And where we need her to be.

I looked around the house last night and thought about both where we had come from and where we are now. The entire journey happened because we crossed paths long ago while working at a local community centre. Because she saw me and realized something that took teenaged-me a little longer to clue into.

The house we live in is a home because of her. Our kids exist - obviously - because of her, and they are so much like her in the way they carry themselves, drive themselves, the way they smile and laugh and look out for others. The intangible atmosphere that seeps into every corner of our home, the humor, the warmth, the smell of freshly baked bread, soup, or even chocolate cake, the welcoming embrace of a house that is a home to all - all because of her.

So today we celebrate, because as she's always told me, everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday. But some people are just that much more deserving, and I promise we'll do our best to ensure she feels special tomorrow, as well.

Because every day is better with some Debbie in it. And we're so incredibly lucky to get another spin around the sun, with this remarkable woman right where she needs to be, at our centre.

Happy birthday, my sweet.

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