Thursday, September 30, 2021

The grocery store dating scene

Green with saucy envy
London, ON
September 2021
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Grocery shopping remains an exercise in frustration, surrounded as we are by people who haven’t adapted to the new norms of personal space in public places.

I loosely define those norms as follows: kindly stay as far away from me as is feasible.

Yet, strangely, I rather enjoy the in-store experience. Because foraging for food has become a pandemic-era excuse to go on dates with my wife.

We define dates differently in these bizarre times, because grocery stores are pretty much the only places we can reasonably go when we leave the house.

So while I’m busy deking in three directions at once to maintain my personal bubble, I’m also thanking the universe that I get to go on these not-so-grand adventures with someone who finds it funny when I deke at all. And smiles when I lag back because the tomato sauce jars with the bright green lids were talking to me.

We’re learning a lot of lessons during this historically significant moment in time, and the one that keeps coming back to me is the need to find joy in the margins.

Grocery date night - or afternoon, in this case - is just the right kind of margin, and I hope this silly photo from the back of our local Farm Boy store inspires you to look at your own margins.

I’m reasonably sure you’ll find joy in there, too.

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