Monday, June 06, 2005

Chasing the setting sun

You would think that a four-year-old wearing a t-shirt meant for his Dad wouldn't be able to run faster than him. You would be wrong.

I love the spirit of this picture. If I could somehow bottle it up, life would be perfect.

Come to think of it, as I snapped this yesterday afternoon, it pretty much was.

Your turn: Have you taken a picture that provokes a strong emotion in you? If so, how can we find it? I invite you to post your links and thoughts here so we can all feel a little better about the visual world around us.


Mellie Helen said...

Ah, the optimism and joy of youthful exuberance! Celebrate!! Thank you for that uplifting and energizing photo. I can just imagine the look of glee on his face!

J Dootz said...

Children -- dancing rays of light.

Photos like this remind me of where I came from and where I need to go. Thanks for the reminder.

I'm a big fan of the M.I.L.K project -- an international collection of images portraying humanity’s Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship. Check it out:

Ella said...

This is a great picture.

I have a picture of my two boys, the older pushing the younger one on the swing. It reminds me how much I love them and how much they really love each other, even though they're usually fighting all the time.

Christine said...

This is a great picture, and I love the title you gave it. I often feel like that myself.

sxKitten said...

Your challenge comes at a bad time, I fear. Our hard drive died on Friday, taking with it 2 and a half years of photos - just shy of 2500 images. Pray we can recover the data, won't you?

I love this picture - it captures the unfettered joys of childhood.

Dawn Falcone said...

Hi! This is my first visit to your site. Thanks for your sweet comment.
I love your picture. Kids are something. I spent the entire weekend with my nephew(7 mths old)& he's so amazing. So full of curiosity & joy. I did take some pics, though they're not very good. Maybe I'll post them on my site this week.

Indigo said...

That is an awesome picture! I just love it, and you are right, you can see the life in it.

I'll have to think about this one a little, and come up with a picture.

A Woman Changed said...

Carmi, the joyfulness in this photo is infectious. I can almost hear him giggling! Great photo. jk

Diva said...

Carmi, this is a lovely picture, and perfectly captures the motion. I also love the light. Perfect!

Allie said...

This is such a great photo... I really like the spirit of it!
I am so fascinated when it comes to photography. I love taking photos, but being such a perfectionist it has to be perfect everytime. But sometimes, when I just want to snap a certain moment that hold a lot of emotion... there's no word really... it turns out to be a beautiful photo!

The pic I've chosen was taken last weekend at the Yngwie Malmsteen concert during a magnificent guitar solo... and this photo just snapped this very moment! I love it !!!
Here's the link for you guys to enjoy :

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've now blogrolled you so I can visit often in the future! ;-D

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I don't post pictures online, but I enjoy looking at other people's, and I too loved this one. It captures a complex and simple moment.

Arethusa said...

Very good picture, your description of it was perfect. I'm not much of a camera person (before or behind) so I have none of my own to share!

Jennie said...

Joy, peace and oneness! That is a wonderful shot.
I post most of my favs. The ones I like best of my kids capture that glimpse into their most true inner nature: The friendly, "part of the flow of things" in ds13, the peace of ds8 and the mental gears turning in ds3, are usually the things that make me stop and sink into a picture of them.

Raehan said...

In my opinion, you've bottled it up right there in that picture....for all of us!