Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Search engine fun

If you use the AOL search engine (please stop laughing, as there are at least six people out there who continue to use this resource. That, and you don't want to insult my great aunt Minnie, but I digress yet again) I have a bit of interesting - and disturbing - trivia for you.

This blog apparently shows up at #1 on the returns list if you type in the following search term:
Pictures of people who don't wear their seat belts and die
Um, OK. Moving on...

Your turn: What weird search terms have showed up on your blog stats? Do they disturb you as much as some of mine disturb me?


Sara said...

How do you even find out what sort of things would call your blog? I've always wondered that, but no one will share.

Do you all just sit around typing in ridiculous things? And how do you come up with these ridiculous things? If not, how do you find this stuff out?!

Jezzy said...

Yep - someone landed on my blog by typing "easy to come off bikini" - scary.

Dayli said...

Here are some of mine:
"sex in the workplace", "sex in the workplace pic", "sex at workplace"... you get the point.

"dayli sex" (I am assuming they mean daily sex).

"I want to be a engineer in my dream" (Nuff said)

"cleaner pregnant job" (poor thing)

"should i stay in the UK or relocate to boston" (didn't find any advice on my blog)

Dayli said...

Sara - you can put any statitics counter on your website, and then they (whoever hosts the counter) will give you these statistics.

I use:

It's free and simple.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i have never heard of this either

Moogie said...

The biggest one I have is "if woment controlled the world." Don't tell my husband but I'm working on a plan for world domination. Carmi..think your wif wants in on it?

Some others:

"Naked loving boys" (alrighty then)
"Punishment with Dove soap" (huh?)
Oh..check this one out "nipple slip pictures photoblog"

There are more but studying them is beginning to make me nervous.

Trillian said...

I've had some interesting search terms lead to me:

I rank #31 for Google for "givers and takers". #13 for MSN Search "girls braless." AND #1 on Google for this little search gem: "'not so well endowed woman' photo"


Mark A. Rayner said...

I wouldn't say it's a sense of being freaked out, but with a sense of pride that I notice "bratwurstmeisterschaft" is the 10th most searched term that brought people to my site.

The Skwib is also a "googlewhack" for the phrase: "dead shark eyes and full frontal nudity"

Terry said...

Oiy, I can't post some of the ones that I've seen Carmi, they're too disturbing. On the good side, recently the searches have been fairly benign (coffeeshop blogging, Do dee do dee, Allison Janney snorkel (don't ask)). I'm also currently only 22% evil (from a high of 89%) according to the Gematriculator.

Carmi said...

These are all beyond funny - or frightening. Sometimes both. Please keep 'em coming.

I just noticed I'm #9 on Google for this one:

pictures of dorito bags

To protect the innocent, I'll keep the really freako ones off the site.

Dean said...

I get tons for all kinds of perverse activities involving home improvement show hotties.

I also get occasional hits from 'armpit smothering'.

It's just too weird, man.

Beanhead said...

Okay I am intrigued now I gotta know what mine are..:)

Ontario Emperor said...

I use Blogpatrol. I just peeked at my most recent search hits:

30/06/2005 16:58:35 q102 chio in the morning. (Google)
30/06/2005 16:52:20 mikuriya tod vancouver (Google)
30/06/2005 16:37:47 isadore knox from Common Council Office:in madison (Google)
30/06/2005 16:34:08 randy randi kendrick diamondbacks (Google)
30/06/2005 16:12:03 Paul Moyer Colleen Williams KNBC fight (Yahoo)
30/06/2005 15:59:09 zen ldsplanet (Google)
30/06/2005 15:58:35 "" (Google)
30/06/2005 15:34:09 "tony bruno" rumors andrew (Google)
30/06/2005 15:27:07 "david koenig" resume perl (Google)
30/06/2005 15:21:43 angi taylor baby girl dave kampel (Google)
30/06/2005 15:05:27 krystal fernandez (Google)
30/06/2005 15:03:17 "second place"+"crying while eating" (Google)
30/06/2005 14:50:29 ryan sutter (Google)
30/06/2005 14:48:44 krystal fernandez (Google)
30/06/2005 14:20:15 technorati unable claim blog (Google)
30/06/2005 14:17:23 blogspot chio q102 (Google)
30/06/2005 14:14:18 krystal fernandez (Google)
30/06/2005 14:07:44 "ellen simonetti"+"delta"+"pics" (Google)
30/06/2005 13:50:12 angi taylor (Google)
30/06/2005 13:33:22 mark walberg a german jew wikipedia (Google)

Crazy Single Mom said...

Besides the truly disturbing which I will never mention because they are...well truly disturbing, there was "pee pants she"
Still trying to figure that one out!!

Last Girl On Earth said...

My number one search engine phrase is...drumroll please... NUDE YOGA.

OK, so I called one of my posts NUDE YOGA... but I don't want to have to live with that on my permanent record forever, do I?

Anita said...

This is a very humorous topic! I've gotten the most hits from "Eva Longoria's haircut". Go figure.

Sweetie said...

My latest: Ass to mouth

~Cathy~ said...

Hmmm... where are my blog stats?!!? LOL BTW, I tagged ya on my site! Since I don't *know* a whole lot of bloggers, I just went through my comments and tagged a couple who've visited me! Have a great weekend!

PureMood said...

None on my blog but on my old personal domain I had a lot of keywords about hot military wifes, etc... Mostly cuz I was a military wife ;)