Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Publish Day - Pre-school graduation

My latest column in the London Free Press is all about our little guy, Noah, and his recent graduation from pre-school. To some people, these things often seem quite trivial on the surface. To me, however, it's what life and parenting are all about, and I wanted to make sure I remembered it with words.

It's called Pre-school 'graduation' bittersweet milestone, and it's available here. I hope you enjoy it.

Your turn: I like the first-three-words-that-come-to-mind concept. Which three words go through your mind as you finish reading the piece?


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

don't stop now

Amelia said...

Well captured, beautiful writing as always Carmi. Three words? Cherish their childhood.

Moogie said...

All grown up.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

parent, adult, child

Anonymous said...

Love, fatherhood, desire

I have always said, that one day when I grow up, i would aspire to be a great parent like you, because "family" means so much to you, and I admire your desire to share this with us. It goes to show you the depth of your love for all things family.

I am always amazed when I read you write about your family.


Christine said...

Yet another very well-written piece Carmi! I envy you for being able to put into words things that I feel, but just can't seem to grasp.

Two things came to mind while reading that. One was the poem I wrote for my kids. The other was the Kenny Loggins song "Return to Pooh Corner". Do you know it? (Let me know if not - I'll send you the lyrics.)

Trillian said...

Ahhhh. You made me "mist up" at work. Darn you!

Three words: Everything for them

Honestly - I don't think there's much most parents wouldn't do for their kids, and I'm certainly no exception. Just thinking about them makes my chest hurt and my nose sniffle. It's why I'm here, and they're what I live for.

Cylithria™ said...

I only had two words and a smile pop to mind.

awwwww, daddy

Stationery Queen said...

I'm all about celebrating milestones. That's what life's about -- moments, big and small.

meredith said...

soon, soon, soon.

I do love this parenthood gig! Nothing ever has allowed me to be so present tense. Thanks for your words.

puremood said...

One proud Daddy! is the first three words about you.

The first three words about me: Life moves fast! .... As even tho time seems to pass so slow. A couple years ago I watched my son gradute K and now I have another who will soon to the same, it doesn't seem she should be almost there but she is.

Congrats to Noah on his milestone and thanks for sharing such a special moment with us :)

Crazy Single Mom said...

My daughter also graduated pre-school and I couldn't believe how proud and choked up I got. She looked so cute getting her diploma! What milestone for them and for us, it reminds us that we have them so little for such a short period in their lives. We need to cherish them all the more for it. Three words: Love them forever!!!

Lora said...

time for another kid

hope that once we have children my husband feels the same way about them

Take pleasure in the moment