Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Press Release - Apple Goes Intel

By now, the entire world knows about Apple Computer's decision to abandon the PowerPC-based processor architecture in favor of Intel's x86. Geeky, I know.

But I nevertheless find these kinds of things fascinating. We may think stuff like this is incredibly esoteric, but it can still have an impact on us - regardless of whether or not we fit into the geek camp.

So I wrote a press release at work - Apple Shifts to Intel: Big Change - No Impact - and it has garnered some cool feedback. (Again...I love doing this.) The Apple faithful may not be happy with my position. But they're always welcome to start blogs of their own where they can burn my electronic effigy.

Here's a quick list of some of the responses received thus far:
Your turn: am I right or wrong? What lies in store for Apple? Have I earned the permanent hatred of Mac zealots everywhere?


Diva said...

I am not a Mac user, although I understand its appeal. When it comes to opinions around items like this, I feel that there is no right and wrong, only people that either agree with you or don't (based on their own point of view). I do agree with you that this probably won't necessarily increase Apple's market share.

I think you'll probably get a bit of feedback from the Mac crowd about this statement though:

"'There are as many compelling reasons to do so -- namely, none -- now as there were prior to Apple's announcement,' he said."

Keep us posted on the responses; it should be interesting.

janie q said...

i only personally know one person who has a mac, i don't know how much feedback you would actually get.

Howard Muhlberg said...

Carmi, did you watch the Jobs keynote from the developers conference?

He certainly is a showman, and I got to hand it to him, it was quite a show. He starts off talking about the rumors that Apple has been secretly developing their operating system and other applications to run on Intel chips, like some conspiracy theory, and then he says, "Well, the rumors are true!" He then proceeds to show a blown up aerial photo of the Cupertino campus, with a circle around the actual building where the top secret work has been going on for FIVE years!

Truth is, it's only really interesting right now for developers and people who like theatre.

Sharon said...

It's been my experience that artists and graphics designers love Macs. I don't know anyone who's particularly impressed with them. I thought your press release was well written.

Sharon said...

..when I said I don't know anyone who's particularly impressed with the Macs; I meant I don't know anyone who's not an artist or graphics designer who is particularly impressed.

I guess I didn't say that well.

Janet said...

The entire world, eh?:)

Wheelson said...

For only 2.5% of the market, I gotta say they probably have about 60% or more of the media coverage from my point of view. I know more about Apple's comings and goings than I do any other platform because it gets so much coverage. I think that speaks to their influence.

I wonder if Apple is a bit like a fashion designer in that regard. They are a trend setter. Hardly anyone buys expensive designer dresses, but it sure influences what we buy for $25 at Wal-Mart. While Apple's market share is small, their impact on the market is much greater than their numbers suggest.

In addition, their move to Intel seems to be influenced heavily by Intel's Pentium D DRM. This feature combined with their ability to easily manage the user's experience with regards to consuming media isn't going to help them dig up too much more market share. But that combined with their influence in the market could very well alter the course of home based IT in dramatic ways.

DeAnn said...

I still find it fascinating that you write press releases but are a journalist. Wha?

Anyway, I did not know any of this about Apple and PCs and etc. It's all to technical for me and, I must admit, WAY over my head!!

panthergirl said...

The Mac Faithful are faithful to the OS, not necessarily to the hardware. I trust Steve Jobs to do what's good for us... if he thinks this is a good move, I'm sure it is.

Don't count on the price coming down, though. Apple doesn't need to go cheapo. People who want something that is head and shoulders better than Windows will pay whatever that costs. And we like it that way. ;)

Mellie Helen said...

No hatred here, Carmi -- I shall always respect and adore you, despite your preference for PCs over Macs :)

I am but a humble Mac user, married to a Mac programmer ubergeek. I've used both PCs and Macs for about 20 years now, and strongly prefer Macs. This switch to the Intel chip seems to be a very good thing, but that in and of itself is not, I think, a compelling enough reason (for users) to *switch* to Mac. There are many other reasons to use Macs rather than PCs that outweigh the chip issue.

What it comes down to? Use the platform and system that works for YOU. Computers are tools, not hallowed eminences to bow down to. Of course, my Mac-programming husband may dissent...

Bubblehead said...

I think Apple went the wrong way with it. I beleive they should have opened their architechture to allow Windows programs to run on it. They were always better at Hardware than softeare, in my opinion.
I had no idea you were so well published.

Thanks for coming by Bubblehead.