Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Publish Day - don't touch my neighborhood

My latest column, OMB tramples on our very homes, was published in today's edition of the London Free Press. I suspect any developers who read it won't be too happy with my position. Then again, I don't write to appease developers. If I did, it would be called advertising.

Shudder at the thought.

Update - July 7, 2005: I notice that the Urban League has posted this article on its web site. Click here to see it. I'm flattered, but a quick e-mail before it was copied and pasted to their site would have been a nice professional courtesy.


Jamie said...

Our town is in a similar dispute regarding a super walmart.

janie q said...

i live in mississauga and it's a fairly large city, but we have homes that are protected as heritage homes, areas that are protected as wetlands, etc. don't you have anything like that, that you would be able to turn to for support?

doris said...

I'm afraid I have to laugh at this point.... because I thought you lived across continents including London, England and I've just been reading this news item on London and being an ex-Londoner (of the United Kingdom variety) I'm thinking I don't quite recognise these places and I wondered that a body with the first name of Ontario was a tad strange and still the penny didn't drop until I got to the City of Pickering. Now I know we don't have one of those.

But you know what, substitute the place names and you could be anywhere in the UK. It's big business chasing the hardest bucks. Profit, profit, profit. It is very scary.

Hi again to a relative of the late, great, Richard P Feynham!