Saturday, November 12, 2005

Quick admin note: commenting, updated

Good news: Blogger has added comment moderation to its administrative bag of tricks. That means I no longer need to worry about coming home to a fresh batch of comment spam.

Effective immediately, I've made a couple of tiny changes to how comments are managed on this blog:
  • I've activated comment moderation. When you click on the Publish button, your comment will go into a queue for review. Queued comments will appear on the blog after I've had a chance to review and publish them. I'll try to do this a few times/day so as to minimize delays.
  • Anyone can comment. I used to limit commenters to registered users of the Blogger service. This kept anonymous nasties at bay, but made it difficult-to-impossible for users of other services - or, gasp, readers who don't blog at all - to leave their thoughts. With moderation, this issue goes away, so the doors are now open to anyone.
I'll keep word verification on for now, and will update you as things change here. Thanks for continuing to read and share in the experience.


ribbiticus said...

great enhancement, don't you think? haloscan may be an alternative for you too, though. have never had to worry about spam. :)

dena said...

Nice feature. That unwanted spam can be so annoying.

Visiting from michele's, but I plan to look around some more.

Barbara said...

I'm going to give that a shot too.

craziequeen said...

Mary P put comment moderation on and then shortly thereafter took it off....

it's weird commenting and not seeing it pop up on the screen :-(



Michelle Pessoa said...

The people on Michele's convinced me to change my Blogger settings too. I haven't been spammed as I feared, so hopefully it'll work out.

Via Michele's.

Thumper said...

There are people who don't blog...?

kenju said...

Let us know if the comment moderation works well for you. I noticed that recently, but I wondered why you would need that as wella s comment verification. Seems to me that one or the other would work well.

Mitey Mite said...

Okay, I commented twice -- wasn't prepared for that queue. I mean, I refreshed, I left your site and came back... What else was a computer illiterate to think? Glad you told me.

craziequeen said...

[looks disappointed]

wot - no movie review?

[wanders off back to Michele's place]



Theo said...

fighting spam is getting to be so neccessary.

good evening

Here from Michele's

Carmen said...

Spam, spam, spam.

I hate spam.

Here from Michele's - again.;)

dena said...

During my visit this morning I decided to look through your pictures, and stare at those fabulously beautiful chidlren of yours. My goodness, whenever I look at them I am mesmerized by the beauty of their eyes! They are gorgeous!

Plain Jane said...

Oops! I should have read this one first! I think I might have made a few duplicate entries thinking I typed in the word verification wrong. Sorry! :)