Saturday, January 26, 2008

Berry cold

Window to a different place
Deerfield Beach, Florida, December 2007 [Click to enlarge]

By all accounts, it was the perfect day to be at the beach. Clear blue sky, friendly sun and temperatures in the 80s. But when I looked at my BlackBerry*, I realized the auto-generated weather update from back home painted a very different picture. So I thought it might be fun to juxtapose the two.

Your turn: What's on your cell phone/smartphone screen? Why?

One more thing: The photo on my BlackBerry was originally posted here.

* For background on my addiction, click here to read my second 100 Things list. See #59.


Thumper said...

I just have whatever picture came with it on my cell phone. If I ever get a phone I actually like, I'll make the effort to change the picture...probably my cats.

Man, if I didn't think I'd break it carrying it around in my pocket, I'd be all over a Blackberry...

Michele sent me to covet...

Ontario Emperor said...

The current picture on my Motorola Q is a picture that I snapped from the passenger seat while we were traveling up Interstate 15 between Baker, California and Primm, Nevada. It's the same picture that I blogged here (note: "On Interstate 15" is the title of an old Wall of Voodoo instrumental).

Princess said...

Ha ha,thats great! Glad to see your blog. You're a good writer.

carli said...

A picture of my cat.
Because I'm obsessed with him.
And because my cell phone screen is so tiny, it's hard to take pictures of my nieces that look like anything.

Hope you're feeling better.

Mike said...

My phone scrren has a picture of one our two cats pictures on it.

Michele sent me

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I don't have a Blackberry, and my Cell phone has nothing on it...In fact it isn't even fired up these days..(I must remember to charge it....) Cause I almost never use it and have kind of forgotten how....I know, I know, I sould like an 'old person'....well, I am an old person! (lol)

Sorry to read that there is sickness going around your dear family, Carmi....I hope everyone will be Healthy & Well...Very Very soon!

Mary said...

Hello, Carmi;

I didn't take offense. Nothing anyone could say about my "invasion" (as I've come to call it)could be offensive.

Welcome to my blog. You'll rarely find anything negative there. I'm really easy going, I think that's why my negative rant and rave caused so much attention.

I'll visit your blog, too. Let's have fun, happy blogs.

I didn't know how was the best way to be sure you'd see my reply - so I chose this.

Dara said...

A thangkha (Tibetan painting) of Padmasambhava and Mandarava. But the front screen has a cool pic of a tree with either the sun or moon and stars depending on what time it is. Tres cool! Michele and I send chicken soup your way - feel better.

Mary said...

Hello, Carmi;

No offense taken. It's almost never that you'll read anything negative on my blog. I'm just not a negative person. My experience with "those people" was horrible but I'm sure they didn't mean it to be so. They were just different and have different standards. Please do visit my blog again. I'll also visit yours.


David said...

my phone is a phone,
alone, with an ordinary tone.
no pictures, no muzak
even so there are days
I wish I could send it back.
when up a ladder or in a tree
the last thing I need is people
yapping at me.
oh to be free
of all this technology.

kenju said...

I have a screen that came with the phone; it looks like palm fronds against a blue sky.

sister AE said...

I'm too cheap to buy a background, and too lazy to figure out how to load my own picture, so my cell phone shows the only background that doesn't clash with non-changeable menua.

Jenty said...

I have a pic of my son eating a massive lollipop.

Anna said...

My nephew is on my phone....just because...I love him!

kenju said...

Carmi, Michele sent me back to see if you are feeling any better, and to read what everyone else has on their phone.