Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where sand meets sea

Deerfield Beach, Florida, December 2007 [Click to catch the wave]

As much as I enjoy being at the beach, I don't fall into line with the rest of the crowd when I finally make it to the sand. I'm not much of a sunhound, and the appeal of jumping in and out of the waves wears off after a while, especially when the purple flags hanging off the lifeguard towers warn of jellyfish swarms (more on that in a future entry.)

But I like to sit and observe. There's so much going on within this transitional zone between land and water, from the way the sunlight varies across the surface of the sand to the brilliant reflections in the ever-changing surf to the deep blues and greens further into the deeper waters. I guess if I lived here, the novelty would eventually wear off. But being a typical tourist, it's a little bit special.

So after the kids went back to the towel and I could relax my lifeguard-on-duty stance, I found myself staring at the spot where the water just washes up on shore. I liked the green of the water and the way it contrasted with the sand. I'm not sure I captured it perfectly, but this photo reminds me of what it felt like to be alone, seemingly at the edge of the world.

Your turn: You're alone with your thoughts in a pretty neat place. Where are you and what are you thinking?

One more thing: It's been a while since I posted any media links. It's been a busy time, but I'll get back to it at some point. Had a pretty good one today: David George-Cosh from the Financial Post (the business component of Canada's National Post newspaper) interviewed me for a piece on an upcoming new device - called the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway - that allows BlackBerry users to stream multimedia content through a home entertainment system. The piece, RIM to unveil BlackBerry music plug-in: Start of a campaign targetting consumers, is here. The piece has also been picked up on the main website, and in my old hometown paper, the Montreal Gazette (thanks to my in-laws for picking that one up!)

Even neater, Russell Shaw picked it up in his BlackBerry Beat blog on ZDNet. Click here for the entry.

So what did I say?
"This is huge," said Carmi Levy, senior vice-president of strategic consulting for AR Communications Inc. "This really is the first tangible evidence that has been bubbling under for some time, but RIM has been really quiet about bringing that to fruition."


"This is a pivotal moment in the history of the BlackBerry franchise," said Mr. Levy. "[The accessory] is now placing the BlackBerry as a front and centre entertainment-focused device."


Sara said...

You know I lived in Tampa, Florida for nearly 50 years - and I went to the beach area often - there was some not that far from home - and I would go and just walk it. Plus for about two years my writer's group met at a restaurant right on the water...(translates Gulf of Mexico) and I never tired of the colors of the sand and sea! It was always changing and beautiful...But, don't ask me sit on a beach towel and soak up the rays - that's not me!

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me - Alone with my thoughts - where am I.

Well, if I still lived in FL it would be the beach; in Tennessee - it would have been by a waterfall somewhere; and here in New Hampshire - it is either by a lake (and we have tons of lakes - no one believes how many lakes we have!) or walking through the woods.

Anna said...

Lucky you Carmi...I am tagging you to post five pics! Find out about it on my blog! :)

Anna said...

I am glad that you think it is a neat idea. I enjoyed going through all my images...and then I wondered why I had not posted some of these!

Happy hunting! :)

kenju said...

I love that beach pic, Carmi. I'd love to be on a warm beach right now!

Snaggle Tooth said...

My Turn: Today I was alone at an icy cranberry bog at sundown. (pic posted on ESR) My thoughts were on all the pics I tried taking at the little airport just before that which didn't come out as well (rats).

I'm alone every day, n I see the sea every day- You never get sick of it!
The color n water dynamics of your pic tho- does take me back to Clearwater beach, FL near where my sisters live.

PI said...

Carmi when I saw your picture I saw a beautiful sea with part of a giant lizard in th foreground but I guess I was mistaken.
When I am in day dream mode the thoughts tend to be random; the one time I take control is bed-time when I force myself to think of something pleasant whether it be a loved one or a happy time either just experienced or to look forward to, Happy dreams.
Michele sends her best.

joe said...

Here via Michele--not that I wouldn't have visited anyway.

I love the colors in your photo. And, to answer your question I'd probably be on the beach as well--in the evening when the crowds are gone. And right now I'd be thinking about the last couple of months and how quickly life's prospects can change and how that can happen when you least expect it.

Sara said...

Where am I?

I'd be sitting near a stream in the middle of the woods in the Adirondack Moutains OR in a canoe or kyack in the middle of a quiet lake just floating around.

My thoughts?

I have no clue, whatever was on my mind at that time

Sara said...

Where am I?

I'd be sitting near a stream in the middle of the woods in the Adirondack Moutains OR in a canoe or kyack in the middle of a quiet lake just floating around.

My thoughts?

I have no clue, whatever was on my mind at that time

Sol said...

Sunset Beach, San Diego, California.. Summer, evening.. .with a camera. My thoughts? "They really need this in Virginia."

After ten years, and trees everywhere, I miss the actual sunsets with the sun reflecting light off the water. Here the sun just disappears behind the trees.

Pearl said...

sand hound's a nice phrase.

if I'm sitting contemplating (i.e. storm out there) I'm likely in bed. If I could be anywhere, rock on stream side or inside forest and not so much thinking as letting all the senses absorb sounds and smells and being instead of thinking or doing for a change..

Superchai said...

Hey Carmi,
It's been awhile since I came by. If I were alone with my thoughts, I love sitting outside on my patio staring up at the sky and watching the pond. That's one of my favorite spots. But then my brother lives on Lake Michigan and my parents live on a lake too.

I think we're water people :) so I'm always by water..and I think that's where I derive the most peace.

kenju said...

Michele sent me back, Carmi. I love the greenish color of the sea in your pic.

R. Sherman said...

Your beach photos just spanked. Well done, especially the older gent in the chair. (Shades of "Ghost of Retirements Yet To Come?")


carli said...

Going with the whole water thing, I am floating in the ocean wearing a snorkel and fins, looking at the fishies. I don't usually like getting wet, but snorkeling is maybe the most calming thing I've ever done.

Childlife said...

I really like this shot, Carmi. Something about it just draws your eye... not unlike a campfire at night.

The ocean is where I go to think and be alone. Something about the immenseness of it lends courage. Makes all problems seem small in comparison, I suppose.