Friday, January 11, 2008


Half a heart
Delray Beach, Florida, January 2008 [Click to embiggen]

I'm not a morning person. I need all the help I can get to transition from sleep to consciousness. A mug that fits comfortably in my hand, filled with something warm and soothing, is a critical part of my daily transition into the real world. If it's shaped just so, I can hold it for what seems like an age as I let the gentle heat soak into my fingers.

In the end, then, it isn't so much about drinking what's inside as it is about enjoying a quiet moment at the table before everyone zings off to work, school or whatever. We can't slow down time, of course. But a good mug and a kitchen full of good people can often make it seem like we can.

Your turn: Morning rituals. Please discuss.

One more thing: Please thank my aunt and uncle for patiently allowing me to macro-shoot their mugs at the breakfast table. They didn't seem to mind when I pulled out the tripod, rearranged chairs, displaced the dogs and held up breakfast. Yet another reason why I love them so.


Angie said...

I really like the photo, Carmi.

I'm not a coffee drinker, so that is not part of my mornings. My only rituals involve showering and hurrying to make it to work on time. But, I always get kisses from the kids and the husband, though. That is a must.

Michele sent me. :)

tommie said...

I am a coffee drinker...but with Splenda and creamer! I need at least one cup to function and get us all out the door before 8AM.

Do you keep your tripod with you at all times? Do you have that one with the little bendable legs?

Mike said...

I am also not a morning person. Probably why I work the night shift. I wake up in the middle of the afternoon and don't have to immediately run off to work.

Michele sent me.

kenju said...

That mug is my favorite color - I'd sure like to have a set of those!

I drink at least 4 cups of decaf in the morning, and my ritual over the last 3 years or so is to bring the first one to the computer to check email before I do anything else (much to me. kenju's dismay).

b13 said...

Roll out of bed, quick shower, wish I could stay home with wife and the dogs, leave a bit too late, race to work, get a cup of Java from the office machine (we have such good coffee at work) black with two sugars, and finally wake up.

Your shots always have such beauty in their simplicity.

Jenty said...

I love the photo!

I'm a tea in the morning person. I can't operate with tea and then breakfast before I leave for work... no matter what time that might be.

Awareness said...

My son asked me yesterday on the way to school and work if I would like a job at the local newspaper taking photos instead of the one I have counselling. I told him I didn't want to turn this particular hobby into a job because I want it to remain a hobby so it can be an outlet. He couldn't understand this, because he says I am ALWAYS taking pics...i ALWAYS point out things that I would like to take a photo of etc. And you know what? I automatically thought of YOU! I wanted to say to him........yeah, I may have my little camera with me, but Carmi?? He takes his camera and tripod wherever he goes and takes photos all the time!

I LOVE that your aunt and uncle stopped the breakie in order for you to capture the angle of this mug....... I'm sure you're family knows you well enough that when you get that glint in your eye, that you've seen that the lighting has captured something exactly right etc, they know well enough to get out of the way! :)

btw.......i'm a morning person in a non morning person family. it works well! My tea mug is always full and steaming and ready to be sipped.

enjoy your weekend Carmi.

Roth Family Adventures said...

We have a toodler, so our morning ritual is simply chaos. I don't get to enjoy my warm cup of coffee until I arrive at work. I get in early and enjoy the silence for about 20 minutes before starting my hectic day.

Sara said...

Morning rituals - hmmm. If mother is going to her day out program, I quickly wash my face, brush my teeth, and begin getting her breakfast ready.

But, I've been thinking that I need something for the, I've decided that I am taking time to relax with either a cup of coffee (black with three sugars) or a cup of tea (just sugar - no cream) and some toast...and a magazine for a few minutes of quality time.

Thumper said...

I am *so* not the morning person...I am fortunate in that I don't have to get up early. Still, if I don't follow the same patterns--get dressed, take meds, read the comic in the paper, and check my email--my day just feels off.

Here from Michele's today!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...I love the 'thank you' yo your dear relatives....And that is a BEAUTIFUL Mug...! I used to drink warm things in the morning...(I am NOT a morning person either...) But somewhere along the way....I stopped! It is weird too, because it was a ritual as your morning warm quiet cup is, too....One never knows how things can change and for no real explainable reason....! Enjoy that morning cup, Carmi....Is it Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?

Joan said...

I don't particularly like mornings, but I'm pretty good at getting up & going anyway. My husband, on the other hand, must be dragged into consciousness kicking & screaming. And caffeine gives him heart palpitations, so coffee is a definite no-no. I never got into the habit, either, though I have been known to consume caffeinated sodas. Sometimes, they live up to the "battery acid" nickname and give me a decided perk. :)

Anna said...

This is great. I love all the curves!

halloulhasan said...

Hi Carmi, I love the photo it remind me with my cup of coffee in the morning, as soon as i wake up love to start my day with it , and you know i love the way you see things in life.