Saturday, January 26, 2008

Misery loves company

So I thought all day Thursday that the impending feeling of unhealthiness building in my head was just that, a feeling. That I'd be able to fight it off. That I'd manage to skirt the same virus that at various points this week had kept my wife and two of our three kids home. That my usual sense of health-arrogance - "I'm too strong to get sick. I always eat right, exercise and take my vitamins..." - would help me avoid a weekend of head cold misery.

Fat chance.

I woke up yesterday and knew I was toast. My head felt like it wouldn't fit through the door, and even the smallest sound felt like a jackhammer.

But deadlines being deadlines, I wrote anyway because when you're a writer, magical fairies don't take over your laptop and generate prose on your behalf. I don't phone in sick any more. Rather, I can't.

So by the end of a day of tapping away at keys that often hurt my fingertips (no, I don't blame you, HP. I really love my skin just gets really sensitive when I have a cold) I was ready for some serious sleepy time.

Which, in between waking up at 3 a.m. with a headache so severe that I thought I was going to pass out and then spending the rest of the night with a worried dog pressing himself against me to ensure I was still breathing, is actually coming to fruition. Hopefully a couple of days of quiet R&R will give me a chance to evict the viral invaders once and for all.

As I wrap up this giant run-on blog entry - tapped out from my BlackBerry - it occurs to me that I almost never prattle on this extensively when I'm sick. So thank you for your patience and understanding. This process has been cathartic for me. Really!

Your turn: Got any ancient family cold remedies? I'm trying 'em all. Thanks in advance!


Mama DB said...

Chicken soup, of course! matzo is even better.

I've discovered Zicam (homeopathic zinc gel up the nose). Have been able to keep all the colds my preschooler brings home at bay. Love the stuff!

Mama DB said...

Oh, and feel better. I know it is just miserable being sick. Here's hoping you get the R&R you need.

sister AE said...

I recently had a cold and tried EVERYTHING. I don't know what worked, but among the things I didn't mind so much were: the aforementioned Zicam gel; a drop of whiskey in hot lemon tea; ingesting more liquids than I knew a person was capable of.

Oh, and a friend swears by Uncle Cheung's Hot and Sour Soup.

Good luck.

Will said...

Cheer up! The latest evidence shows that people who occasionally get a cold or the flu live longer and are healthier overall as they age. So all our friends that brag that they never get sick might not be as fortunate as those of us that battle a bug or two every year!

It may be related to the new claim that having too clean a childhood can lead to health problems.

As Mama db said "chicken soup". Homemade and organic of course. :-)


Diane Mandy said...

Vietnamese Rice Noodles soup with a little chilli pepper-- works every tme!

Sara said...

Chicken soup! What else could it be...

Do feel better...

Oh, you have an award waiting for you at my blog...the post should be up in about half an hour...

Maybe that will make you feel better!!!

Robin said...


Your head probably hurts worse FROM typing that out on a BlackBerry! But, my take on feeling miserable?

Laughter, or at least a smile.

Here's one for ya in the form of a post about one of my childhood home remedies. And if that doesn't work? You should try this WONDERFUL Chicken Stew recipe.

Both do a body good, yes?

(Hope you're on the mend SOON!)

Maria said...

I am a believer in Zicam. However, and I know this is far from scientific, but ice-cream and peanut butter are my foods of choice when I am ill. I think it is psychological (comfort food) still it seems to work.

Rachel said...

I am right there with you.

Tea, lots of warm drinks of any kind.

And Korean spicy tofu soup.

Rainbow dreams said...

Carmi, so sorry you're feeling rough..
no magical cures...
although an Indian friend told me of a cough cure which I have tried and has worked numerous times for our kids... ginger juice mixed with runny honey...(grate root ginger and squeeze the juice out of it - pressed through a sieve or tea strainer) It's strong, but even when they were tiny it would suddenly stop the night time persistent coughs..
as for adults I think we just have to get through..
hope it goes quickly, x

Talitha said...

Along the lines of the ginger juice, chop up a root of ginger and boil it until the water looks brown like tea. Add a little bit of honey and drink while hot. It gets spicier as it cools. Anyways, doing this a couple times a day is supposed to work wonders.

Childlife said...

Down comforter, hot tea, box of lotion-infused tissues, and a good book - the older the better. Hope your family is feeling better soon Carmi : (

~Michelle @ In The Life of A Child

Capturing Today said...

I know this is late, but we've found that Umcka syrup or drops and the Airborne tablets do wonders at our house. I give both to anyone immediately upon cold symptoms and it is amazing how quickly it will shut it down! We then follow-up with Sambucol for a couple of days and we get through with flying colors in about half the usual time or less!