Friday, January 25, 2008

Coral sea

Life on the reef
Atlanta, Georgia, January 2008 [Click to embiggen]

I've woken up with the same cold that's already flattened my wife and two of our kids. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, but I am quite miserable to be around. Even the dog seems to be avoiding me.

To find some cheer as I will myself to get some meaningful work done before I fall into a 14-hour nap, I thought I'd post a photo that makes me smile, that's so literally bright and colorful - like a pack of Crayola crayons - that it would be impossible not to feel a little better after seeing it.

I'm not sure it's working. But it's at least worth a shot.

Your turn: The things that bring us comfort when we're sick. Please discuss.


November Rain said...

that is nice...

if only my aquariums looked as nice LOL

sorry to hear you are still sick

What brings comfort to me?

Nothing and trust me everyone avoids me when I am sick

Usually I take Nyquil (sp?) or my Nan's home remady if I do not have a fever (40 or more proof clear alcohol --- 1 shot... 1 tbsp of honey 2 tbsp lemon all heated in a pot and drank ) then I go to bed

more chicken soup?

btw michelle sent me again

Wordnerd said...

Lovely photo -- it makes me smile, too. So sorry about 'the sick' -- winter colds are miserable.

What brings me comfort? Hmmm. A cozy blanket, hot tea, a favorite movie, and giving in to the call of a 14-hour nap!

Feel better soon!!!

Joan said...

Oh, that IS beautiful.

When I'm sick enough to acknowledge it & actually let myself rest, I love to get into warm, comfy pajamas or sweats, and camp out on the couch, snuggled under blankets. I love chicken-based soups and Ramen noodles, especially since the steam also helps clear the sinuses. My husband loves the traditional Filipino dish Arroz Caldo ("hot rice"), which is sort of like chicken and rice soup, but thicker and with somewhat different seasoning.

Feel better soon, Carmi-and-family!

Sandy M said...

When I'm sick, I like to hibernate from the world, but that rarely happens. Nyquil does work though.

My mom never made chicken soup, except Campbell's chicken noodle. I feel left out now.

Anna said...

WOW, even the dog? Hehehe. What brings me comfort when I am favorite pillow, down blanket and the remote.

Aaaaahhhh....good times.

Hope you feel better soon!

Roland said...

Comfort when Ill, for me that is usually just rest & viewing DVDs.
It helps to escape into a movie while I'm sick.
Michele sent me today

Joyismygoal said...

If i am sick enough to stop I have finally learned to do that--- Whenever I am sick,which is now too, I want popcorn and orange juice if it is winter I also want a fleece blanket and if i cover up w/ one of those it puts me right to sleep:>. Sleep, sleep, sleep, and hopefully you will be better soon.

Brian said...

You had me from the 14-hour nap. :)

kenju said...

I love aquariums and I'm dying to go to the new one in Atlanta! When I am sick, I want hot soup, lots of cold drinks and a warm blanket to curl up with. I hope you all feel better soon, Carmi.

Anne said...

tea with honey and quiet

michele sent me this time

craziequeen said...

Sleeping in our comfortable bed with one or both of our cats - who make fabulous nurses.....

Michele and I are so sorry you're not well, honey :-(
And the family going down with it too!?! Oh dear......
We have just got through an epidemic of fluey-colds here on this side of the Pond.

In Britain we have fashioned the phrase 'Man-Flu' which is the new word for a mild cold where men are concerned.... [chuckle]


Sara said...

Everyone is sick...I'm so sorry! Feel better soon. I got it, too...

What comforts me...a cup of hot tea, my blankie (any blanket or small quilt is my blankie), curling up in my recliner with a good book, Killian coming up and head butting me to let me know he loves me!

sister AE said...

Oh! Hope you feel better soon.

"things that bring us comfort when we're sick"

my "things" include:
- wrapping up in fleece blanket
- definitely staying in pj's
- salty things to make it easier to drink the fluids I know will make me better
- anything that makes it a shorter trip to the bathroom (see above)

and if I have a fever, I find myself highly entertained by talk shows and informercials - the only time I watch 'em!

MissMeliss said...

Oh, Carmi. I so want to be in the tropics right now.

Lovely picture.

As for me: mac-n-cheese, chai with honey, warm blankets, romantic comedy movies, cuddling the dogs, and oatmeal. Not all at once, of course.

Lara said...

getting other people sick.

sorry, is that mean? ;)

Awareness said...

Hey Carmi and family.....get well soon. Fraser! Look after them!

I slip into my favourite flannel pj's after a long relaxing bath and tucked myself under a blanket on the couch. A good movie....not one that requires me to do much thinking though.....something relatively lightfare..... and a cup of hot tea.

hope you guys kick it soon.

carli said...

I forgot to answer this last week and hope you're finally better. . .
Things that bring me comfort when I'm sick:

apple juice
The Price is Right
lotiony tissues
The Z-pac, if it's bacterial