Friday, February 01, 2008

Screen within a screen within...

Delray Beach, Florida, December 2007 [Click to enlarge]

Remember when you were a kid and you placed two mirrors opposite each other? Remember how you could see dozens of images of yourself trailing off into oblivion? Wasn't that just the neatest thing?

Well, I never outgrew that phase of my life. Come to think of it, I didn't outgrow many aspects of my childhood. But that's a topic for another day*. So when I was noodling around with my toys of adulthood last month, I thought I'd have some fun with pictures within pictures. It's somewhat like the high-tech equivalent of the old mirror trick.

For the record, I would have continued to add iterations to the series, but my wife eventually said I was being silly.

Your turn: Do you do silly things with a camera? Do tell! Even better, show!

*For some photographic examples of recursive scenes from my adult life, click here, here and here. And because we're talking about recursions here, another look at the Hasselhoffian Recursion is definitely in order. As an aside, Canadian actor-comedian Norm McDonald continues to tell anyone who will listen that Germans love David Hasselhoff. I'm still not sure why.


carli said...

Kind of reminds me of the infinite cat project:

Anne said...

I haven't done anything like on my blog, although I've seen good shots I didn't take, but my husband did that here.

I'm having struggles with my digital, things I knew I could do on film. I've got a couple examples on my blog.

Lori said...

Can't think of anything silly off hand that I do with my camera (besides take lots of pictures of my silly teenagers!) but I do plenty of silly things...period!

Anonymous said...


One of the houses I grew up in had a mirror in the main bathroom that consisted of a middle mirror and a mirror set to the left and right that could be swung in to allow viewing of the back of your head. As a kid I spent an inordinate amount of time encapsulated within the three mirrors studying that reflected infinity effect. I had forgotten all about that until reading your post. Thanks for the memory.

tommie said...

didn't do the 'screen within a screen' but I did just post about a "remember when".....does that count?

Rainbow dreams said...

Thats fun Carmi - we should never lose our sense of fun...hope life is treating you well - sorry I haven't been round much lately - Katie,x

Lissa said...

Of course I do silly things with my camera - digital photography allows one the freedom to discard as well as experiment. I do enjoy Serious Photography, but I had fun with my camera phone and the puppy one afternoon....results here.