Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Framed ocean view

Come sail away
Deerfield Beach, Florida

December 2007

Global warming, career and my everpresent love of all things Canada aside, I decide as I stand at the top of the beach that I need to live closer to the water.

Scenes like this, where you get to look into the distance through a tiny shelter of calm, captivate my imagination weeks after I first stood here. I'm thousands of kilometers away now, surrounded by a cold, snowy landscape. But still I find myself thinking back to this quiet moment when I was alone by the water, looking.

I'm generally not one to envy, but I'll admit I envy people who live close enough to the sea. I envy that they can visit it more than a couple of times every year or two, and linger for as long as they wish, not having to worry about counting the minutes until they need to head back to a real, colder world. It would be neat to live in a place where the beach is never more than a drive, a bike ride or a long walk away.

But for now, reality prevails. I'll set aside those pesky practical things for a bit. I'm just dreaming is all.

Your turn: Dreaming of somewhere else. Why?


Roth Family Adventures said...

"The grass is always greener" is so very true. No matter how satisfied I am with my life, including where I make my home, I'm always yearning for a more exotic or enriching locale, just because it's different. These locations include San Francisco, CA, Charleston, SC, Barcelona or Valencia, Spain, Palawan, Philippines...the list goes on and on.

Heidi said...

This photo is really incredible, Carmi.

Dreaming of another place? Yes. Hubby is in South Carolina today for a job interview. Maybe I don't dream of that place in particular... yet... but of a place where he will be as happy as he can be with his job.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

vixensden said...

That is a very calming picture. I love shots that evoke strong feelings, and this one does. I wasn't dreaming of another place until I saw this shot...Now the dream is there.

Have a great day.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I can't get the mountains of Yellowstone out of my head now that we're back from visiting. Yesterday, I put on the snow gear to play with the kids and was right back there again... it was weird.

Sara said...

Dreaming of wonderful places always brings out the wanderlust in me...but, for now I am most content to be where I can reach the water in a couple of hours...

Are you not close to lakes where you are?

Oh, And, have to been around Montreal a lot - I'm thinking about a trip there for a few days...?

aoitenshi said...

Beautiful picture, as always! :)

I love living in the Philippines, but I'm always dreaming of living in Japan, even for just a year. It's just so crazy and full of energy there, and ever since my trip there last year, I've been yearning to go again.

kenju said...

This time of year, I am always dreaming of going someplace warm and sunny!

This is the second "framed ocean" pic I've seen tonight.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Love it, Carmi!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I understand the longing for the peaceful serenity of a place like that. I remember seeing some video of some friends trip to Aruba or one of those islands....They had taken quite a few moments of the empty beach with the ocean coming in gently and peacefully....! I begged them to make a loop of this for me....Looking at that over and over and over would be so relaxing to me and it would take me to another world.....I STIL wish they could have done that for me....! I have never forgotten that and it was peobably 12 or 13 years ago...!

Karen said...

Hi Carmi! I'm DEFINITELY dreaming of another place - preferably warm and without snow! We've had more than our fair share this winter and more is expected today. I'm throwing in the towel!

Hope you're well. Happy Valentine's Day!

Beverly said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Carmi. It's another day in paradise here on the west coast of Florida. You really need to visit our beaches here.

The sun is shining. The air is crisp...wonderful

Mar said...

I see the Med from nearly all my windows... Dreaming of somewhere else of course!! Why? because we are never happy, are we?
Great shot as always, Carmi. Michele sent me to wish you and your loved ones a happy Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

I am in the heat of TEXAS and have been my whole life. I dream of living somewhere with 4 seasons, and yes seaside sounds intriguing as well.
PS Michele sent me

PI said...

Hi Carmi! I often dream of Greece - an old love - because we don't fly any longer and even long train journeys are best avoided. So what I would say to you and all younger people is: travel and see the world whilst you can. We did and have no regrets. And now we can glimpse the sea through the Scots Pines, even if it isn't the Greek sea.
Michele sends her best.

Linda said...

Always dreaming of someplace else, other than where I am....sigh.

I love how your focus was not on the sailboat, though most would have tried to shoot that as the focal point. Even not knowing it was an ocean shot, it evokes sunny beach memories.

Michele sent me to take another look at this lovely photo.

rashbre said...

clever composition