Friday, February 22, 2008

Future photographer

Noah's blue vision
Palm Beach, Florida, December 2007

One of the joys of parenthood revolves around watching our kids discover what they love to do. Since they've grown up with lenses being shoved into their faces at regular intervals, our children have always understood that photography is an important part of remembering the little bits of life that might otherwise be forgotten.

As much as I love converting reality to two-dimensional assemblies of color-mapped pixels, I've been careful to avoid forcing a camera into their hands. My philosophy has always been non-invasive: I'll be there to guide them if they express an interest. But I won't assume anything beyond that.

Interestingly, they've all stepped forward on their own. Zach now has his own camera, while the younger ones are happy to borrow Mommy's point-and-shoot whenever we're out and about. When we went to the zoo, they slowly walked the grounds, thinking out loud about what they wanted to shoot and how they wanted to remember this day. I lagged back and watched them watch their surroundings.

Although at times I felt like I was looking in a mirror, I was piqued by how uniquely each one of them chooses to think through a particular scene. They're learning to take what they've gotten from us and make it their own. Amazing.

Here, Noah takes a break from the proceedings. He reminded me why my family remains my favorite subject of all.

Your turn: Following in their parents' footsteps or charting their own course. Mutually exclusive? Please discuss.


Mike said...

You have a handsome young man and future photographer there.

Like my father and grandfather I served 20 years in the Air Force so I guess I followed in their footsteps.

Michele sent me

tommie said...

Look like his future is so bright he should be wearing shades!

My 4 year old has recently learned how to use a simple point and shoot. He likes the zoom, so maybe a good macro lens is in order. For me, not him!

b13 said...

He has the camera in his hand... that makes hims a "current" photographer ;)

My mother and sister are artists and although I started college heading toward a totally different field I eventually migrated back towards art.

Full circle... funny you should ask about this. Tonights post may explain better ;)

Thaleia said...

It's sometimes very nice to see that our kids take after us, isn't it?

My son takes after his dad in everything he does. They are so alike, it's scary sometimes LOL

But then again... I'm not at all like my parents...

Anna said...

Great shot Carmi. I lvoe seeing my kids take up things that I love and make it their own. Very cool indeed.

Jilly Bean said...

That is one of the sweetest photos I have ever seen. Seriously, my heart turned warm and sunny when I saw it!

David said...

what a combination, that boy will be as good looking as his mom and smart as his dad ( you would not have it any other way, right?)

My kids have always amazed me - and moreso as the years pile up.

here from Michele

kenju said...

Two of my kids were very creative when they were younger, but neither of them has any interest in art or flowers at this point.

I see a lot of Morah Mommy in that sweet face!