Sunday, February 24, 2008

Caption This 59

Please caption this image
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London, Ontario, December 2007 [Click to embiggen]

Our kids take art classes at ArtVenture, a local studio (see here for earlier entry.) I like to go in when I pick them up: sitting outside and waiting in the car just isn't my style. I like to connect with the folks who teach our kids, spend a few brief minutes chatting and reconnecting with them. It's the kind of quaint thinking that our supercharged, time-driven world seems to be losing.

Occasionally, I bring my camera along.

Your turn: Please suggest a caption for this image by clicking on the comment link below. The rules? Well, I'm not a big rules guy, but here's a quick rundown: suggest as many as you wish, involve your friends and even disgruntled neighbors, share this URL with your nasty in-laws and tell them you'll let them spend time with the grandkids if they play along... Okay, so I'm being a little obtuse, but I just want to spread the fun. I'll announce winners next Sunday, along with another all-new image.

About last week's photo of my laptop's keyboard*: Lots of people had lots of fun with this one. I was especially pleased when my friend, Darren, weighed in. Without outing him completely, allow me to share that he knows a great deal about my machine and others like it. The Teach takes it this week with the very appropriate Words escape me.

Lots of honorable menschens this week...and further proof that my beloved regulars and multiple-posters seem to always be in the thick of it.
  • JC: Untapped energy
  • Tiel Aisha Ansari: Key bored
  • Deni: Playing the keys like a sweet sonata
  • Lissa: Keys to writing well.
  • Jennifer: Don't push my buttons today!
  • Steve: Depress for success
  • Heidi: Unwritten Inc.
  • Robin: United we spell
  • BreadBox: Awaiting sticky fingers
Now...get colorful!


craziequeen said...

Pot Paints.....


Michele sent me to see how life is at the Levy household. I scrolled down to that gorgeous picture of Noah. You do have beautiful children, Carmi :-)

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been so busy lately.
I have appreciated all your comments, though:-)

CK and I are going to Victoria, BC to see silentmum and Boo.


Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

I'll have a scoop of the cherry, a scoop of the caramel, a scoop of the mint...

I Can Paint

Stir crazy

Hue and cry

Another smear campaign...

Anne said...

brush off

michele sent me again...

Linda said...


cap-tured in color

children's playland

JC said...

Glorious Technicolor

Thanks for the menschen!

colleen said...

52 Flavors?

Robin said...

OOooo, I love the winning caption this week! Somehow I missed it when scrolling through to make sure the ones I was suggesting weren't already posted....

I'll be back once I put on my multi-colored thinking cap ;).

b13 said...

White just won't cut it!

SJ said...

Remnants of Wonder

You've been tagged!
Go here for more info (no pressure):

Awareness said...

Life in living colour

Paint your dreams

Colour Your own Canvas

A Palette, a brush to paint your imagination......

d sinclair said...

stick with colour

michelle sent me :)

kenju said...

Mixed-up media!

spwriter said...

refrigerator paints

color my world

picasso's textbooks

jars of play

when pigments fly

what spatters most

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I have idera what that is Carmi, but it is fascinating, whatever those things are...

I didn't realize that you were so sick, Carmi, or that you had not been around the Blogworld....I would see you at Michele's and other places, so...Well, I just assumed it was "business as usual"...!
Hope you feel better, very very soon.
I myself have not been feeling all thAt well lately...! Much coughing, which is very exhausting, as you no doubt know.

Sara said...

paint by number gone wrong

Sarah said...

What color did I want again?

Lissa said...

Remains of the Day

Art for Art's Sake

Artistic Inspiration

Honored to be a first-time menschen in Caption This 58! I have arrived!

the teach said...

Thanks Carmi, I've never won anything in my life! Your caption contest is the first! I'm so happy I'm going to blog about it, okay?! Thanks again! And thanks for commenting on MM! :D

the teach said...

"Do you want Mint Chocolate Chip or Caramel Crunch?" Here's my caption, Carmi! :)

Bob-kat said...

Hope you're feeling better Carmi.

My contribution is:

"Potted rainbows"

Love the shot, with the flecks of paint on the tops of the pots, it's like the art is trying to escape :)

Heidi said...

Blue Man Group Training Facility

Take care, Carmi. Have a good week! Promise?

BreadBox said...

"What sort of ice cream do you want for dessert tonight? Vanilla spackle or paint chocolate chip?"


Robin (PENSIEVE) said...


At 1:30 in the morning while I was having a spell of insomnia, I thought of a dozen captions that sounded "great" to me at that ungodly hour (is it pathetic that your photo came to mind among a myriad of other things???)! Let's see if I can remember ANY of them (I KNEW I should've gotten up then :/...!) and if daylight removes any sense of grandeur, lol.

Top Fun
Fun Undercover
Masterpiece Makers
Splattered and Covered (a reference to Waffle House hashbrowns "scattered and smothered"--are you familiar?)
Strokes of Genius
The start of something beautiful
At least it's not on the wall!

me said...

Caption – toddlers gone wild

Carmi, I read a comment of yours over at Velcrometer and can I say I am so Frelling glad to know that it’s not just our 2 soon to be 3 year old that, if he is asleep by 9:30 the gods themselves come down to congratulate us.

As I am new to your blog I don’t know if you ever give tips on taking a good picture, but the ones I have seen of yours are impressive.

Omykiss said...

fingered lids

an ooze of colour

sister AE said...

I could have sworn I just saw the lilac a minute ago....

You have two minutes to find the two lids that are on the wrong jars. Ready, set, go!

Robin said...

Coats of many color


R. Sherman said...

"Dreams In A Jar."