Sunday, February 10, 2008

Caption This 57

Please caption this image
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Somewhere near Hamilton, Ontario, October 2005 [Click to embiggen]

The scene: I'm zooming home from Toronto after attending an industry "event" at a too-cool-for-mere-mortals club. Suddenly, my phone rings. A journalist wants to talk to me about the neat things I just saw. Not wanting to emboss the Ford logo from my rental car onto the back of that 18-wheeler just ahead of me, I ask if she can give me 10 minutes to get off the highway and find a safe place to stop. She happily agrees - live analysts give better quotes than dead ones, apparently - and I eventually find this lonely spot in the hinterlands just west of Hamilton.

When I'm finished chatting with her, I snap this shot because it strikes me as odd that I could be so productive while surrounded by little more than fields and cow pastures. The cows don't seem to mind my temporary intrusion.

Your turn: Please concoct a caption for this photo. I'll choose the most creative one and post the winner, along with a new image, next Sunday. As ever, I'm whoring myself out. So if you want to submit billions of comments, have at it. Bring along a group of drunken friends? Absolutely: the more, the merrier. Encourage your elderly parents to join in? Sure thing. We welcome all generations.

About last week's image of a parking lot line badly in need of resurfacing: Sad scenes often make great photos. Thankfully, you didn't disappoint with your suggestions. This week's winner comes from Linda: "This is your road, on crack." I can still hear the Dragnet-like music in the background. Honorable mentions go to:
  • Sister AE: "I go to pieces."
  • Kenju: Unplanned obsolescence."
  • Tiel Aisha Ansari: "Pave meant less."
  • Rainbow Dreams: "True colors exposed."
  • Steve: "What lies beneath."
  • Colleen: "You can't judge a crosswalk by its cover."
Thanks, everyone, for playing along. Have fun with this one!


craziequeen said...

Michele sent me to see what picture you've put up for us Carmiphiles today :-)

I love this photo - the sheer emptiness....... :-)

I bought MB an excellent book for Christmas that sums up the image.
'Notes from the Hard Shoulder' by James May and it jumped into my head when I saw the picture.

So that's my caption - Notes from the Hard Shoulder.


Bob-kat said...

I knew you would get round to visiting Carmi :) Glad you liked the haiku. Hope the snow has all been cleared and is suitably photogenic? Would love to see pics of the snow if you have taken any.

As for your caption: "The alternative to home working"

Bob-kat said...

BTW - It's toatlly okay about the award. Thanks for the thanks :) I's your choice whether to pass these things on or not. I view themas a pat on the back from a blog friend so thanks for accepting it that way.

craziequeen said...

I'm back!

[holds out a virtual heater] Michele said I should bring a gift.....

hmm - another caption....

I thought 'breakdown' when I saw the photo... but that would be unfair to Fords.... :-)

[cranes to read the sign]


'Free parking here for airfield.'


R. Sherman said...

"Honey, I told you to ask for directions. We're here on the map."

Lori said...

I don't really have a caption...

Sometimes I think you can be very production in the middle of nowhere (or seemingly so). I feel my strongest and most peaceful in wide open spaces. (Looks like all the roads around my place - check out "Blue Winter" at my daily jaunt to work)

PI said...

As I am a Brit and we drive on the other side of the road my caption is
- with apologies to Spike Milligan (I think):
'I'm going backwards for Christmas!'
Michele says hi!

spwriter said...

The middle of somewhere.

Shoulder work ahead.

"Car," (by) me.

Fielding questions...

sister AE said...

Thanks for the 'mention for last week.

I think this one says:
the pause that refreshes

David said...

here from michele- don't you love rental cars? they go so much faster than anything i own

Mike said...

Michele sent me this time.

My caption would be....
Should have bought the Chevy.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...



Isn't wireless internet great?

The office of the 2010's

Darn it... missed the ditch again!

kenju said...

Thanks for the honorable mention, Carmi!

I'd call this one 'Roadsidia".

(That's a florist term for stuff growing beside the highway.)

Linda said...

Well, WOOHOO! I finally came up with a WINNER, not just a runner!!!

Thanks for picking my quote.

This one? Well, I won't tell you what I NORMALLY call a Ford Focus (and how pathetic am I that I can IDENTIFY it???) quote is a long-standing acronym...and since this car is, well, on the side of the road, here goes:

Found On Road Dead

John said...

Thinking....outside the lines.

LceeL said...

I am not concerned about being 'fair to Ford' - so here's my caption:

a) FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily

b) FORD - Found On (the) Road Dead

Actually, I like Fords.

JAM said...

You're such a good guy. I'm the only person I know that finds a place to park before getting into a cell phone conversation. Glad to see others do it too. Not that I'm special, but it just makes sense. Common sense seems to be lacking these days.

I don't have a good caption; I usually have a brain fart when intentionally trying to be clever. When good one liners are sent to me by the muse, they can be great, but today's not the day.

Thank you so much for your visit and your kind comments on my photo blog. I've been in a real mess with bad back problems for over three months now, and my posting and especially my visiting, has suffered a whole lot.

I've been trying to get back in the swing of things, and appreciate your visit and encouragement.

Omykiss said...


Omykiss said...

I just took off!

Sara said...

"are we there yet?"

Sara said...

dad do you think we'll see any planes from here?

Sara said...

the new gold standard for FORD

Sara said...

they were almost to the airport when they heard, "dad, can you pull over, I'm about to be sick"

Sara said...

staying FOCUSed when driving is important, if not the FOUCS ends on the side of the road looking for directions

JC said...

To their horror they realized, too late, that the Shadow's mode of transportation outpaced their own.

Robin said...


Road Wary

Out of Focus


After attending The Event at the Too Cool For Mere Mortals Club, Carmi knew he'd been "outed" when the valet brought his car to him as he said his good-byes.

Anne said...

Why are we pulling over, there's no-one to ask for directions?

spwriter said...

(Crap, Robin showed up. Now our chances for winning just dropped into single digits. Guess I'll have to toss a few more into the fray.)

A Ford able office space.

Park of genius!

Rental Carmi.

After using great judgment in pulling over to safely take a work phone call, Carmi became the tragic subject of irony moments later when a speeding car slammed into him because he was standing in the road to take a photo of his safely-parked car.

"The Ford Focus runs great, Mr. Levy, but I should let you know...we couldn't find a shadow that matches. That sorta freaks some people out, but as long as it doesn't bother you..."