Saturday, May 03, 2008

Big brother is watching you

The little people need to be fed, so I'll be quick before I sleep the laptop. I was on television again yesterday, speaking with Business News Network's Linda Sims and Patricia Lovett-Reid about the latest results from Nortel. Click here to see the video.

BNN Senior Producer Noah Zivitz also published a wide-ranging perspective piece on the Canadian wireless landscape, Stay tuned for more from wireless world. Here's what I said:
“Apple typically drives a very hard bargain with the carriers it works with,” according to Carmi Levy, senior vice president, strategic consulting, with AR Communications. “I would expect one of the reasons it took so long is that this is a type of negotiation Rogers has never had before,” Mr. Levy said.


“It [the iPhone announcement] is a form of sabre rattling in advance of a very intense period in the Canadian wireless industry,” according to Mr. Levy. “What Rogers is doing,” he believes, “is it’s getting out of the gate early and establishing its position.”
I also spoke with LuAnn LaSalle from the Canadian Press about Research In Motion's big announcement with enterprise software maker SAP. The article, RIM and software giant SAP want to change the way people work, published yesterday. Here's my shpiel:
Analyst Carmi Levy of Toronto AR Communications Inc.. said the software should allow people to do what they do in the office on mobile devices.

"If you can put that kind of capability into someone's hand via his or her BlackBerry, then it is a 'game changer' because it essentially changes how businesses can be managed," Levy said.

"It significantly raises the expectations of what we can actually get accomplished on a mobile device," Levy said.

RIM is trying to stay ahead in the corporate world with this announcement, he added.

"They're moving beyond push e-mail. This is RIM's next killer app (application). They're saying, 'We're not just going to help you communicate with each other, we're going to put sophisticated business functionality in your hand as well."'
Damn, this is fun! More media news soon...

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