Sunday, May 04, 2008

Caption This 69

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London, Ontario
April 2008 [Click to embiggen]

We've been spending more time at the neighborhood playground lately. Now that the weather's warmer and the sun's sticking around until well into the evening, the kids are pushing to take their bikes out and explore a bit. Far be it for me to refuse 'em. Besides, there's something comforting about watching them make their way along the sidewalk, expanding their world view a little bit as they leave the cul-de-sac behind.

I've been carting my camera along (what, you're surprised?) just in case there's a moment worth capturing. Although one visit to the park can look pretty much like any other visit to the park, I find challenge in trying to find something unique from each trip. Thankfully I have cooperative kids.

This is our littlest man, Noah, being his usual boisterous, happy self. Notice the bare feet. The shoes "accidentally" seem to end up on the ground soon after he starts swinging. It seems not even a pair of Crocs can contain this munchkin's spirit.

Your turn: Please come up with an appropriate caption for this photo. You know the rules: You can enter once or you can enter a kajillion times. You can do it yourself or you can call your imprisoned Uncle Ned for inspiration. You have a week to come up with something neato before I announce a winner and post another Caption This entry next Sunday. Not sure what Caption This is? Click here for the lowdown.

About last week's image of on oversigned parking lot shack: Someday, we'll all zoom around in Jetsons-like flying cars and we'll be able to hover them just outside our office windows. Until then, we'll have to put up with parking lots. Or until Joni Mitchell's song (sing it with me: "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot...") is proven wrong. This week's honorable menschens go to:
  • Alix: "Sign of the times"
  • B13: "If this shacks a rockin'... leave your money under the orange cones."
  • Thumper: "...signs, signs, everywhere a sign..."
  • Sarah: "So what is it I do again if the attendant is not on duty?"
  • Heidi: "Read sign for instructions."
  • Dana: "Hope you can read!"
  • Killired: "SIGN LANGUAGE!!!!!"
  • Omykiss: "Too much information!"
  • Robin: "Parking, lots."
  • Jacie: "Notice Bored"
Sara takes it this week with "Information overload". Please visit her delightful blog, Garnet's Life Adventures, and wish her a happy on her win.

One more thing before I go: I seem to have this thing shooting pictures of my kids on the swing. Click here for a photo from last summer.


PI said...

Noah: hey Dad push me higher and i can jump off to the top of the slide.


Noah: just kidding Dad.

Michele sent me to say goodnight and have a good week.

Omykiss said...

swing low sweet chariot ....

Sara said...

Well, I'm playing this time -

"Up, Up, and Away"

MissMeliss said...

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!

"Swing it, baby!"

"Out on a limb."

"Barefoot and fancy free!"

"Look at Noah's arc!"


David said...

flight of fancy

colleen said...

Side Slide Swing in Spring

Wee Wee all the way down

All to the tune of Michele my Belle

Bubblehead said...

The first swing of spring

Jacie said...

Barefoot in the Park

(excellent Neil Simon 60s film!)

Tara said...

Just a swinging away. What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!

R. Sherman said...

"Gravity sucks."


marmiteandtea said...

Up, up and . . . down again.

Robin said...


Swing time

Natural high

Jump in, feet first

(Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :). )

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi,
I just love swings! I find them to be the ultimate time machine. Like the pendulum on father time's clock, each swing takes you back further and further to your childhood and it does not matter if it is you who is on the swing or if it is someone else on the swing. Did I mention I just love swings?!
Thanks for sharing this photo. I will visit your archive of other photos of swings.
Have a great week!
One more caption from me:

"Father time's pendulum."

Thumper said...

Sunshine Superman

me said...

Someday I'll make it to the moon

Sara said...

Yeah I won :) thanks Carmi!! I have to admit I love coming over on Monday mornings (or tuesday when monday is a holiday here in the UK) to see the new "caption this")

my first caption for this photo is:
"free as a bird" will probably be back later this week with more captions said...

Barefoot and fancy free.

Beautiful photo!

Eve said...

"Double your pleasure, Double your fun. . ."

Carol said...

everytime i go for a walk in the park, i aways have to have a swing...

my captions is 'swinging to new heights'

Awareness said...

Wow! there's more than a few good ones here already!

Toe tickling Freedom

Swinging away the winter blues.

Freedom flight Feet.

Killired said...

comfort zone

Sara said...

Noah saying, "look dad I can touch the sky"

Bob-kat said...

Hi Carmi! Inspired by folk like you I have just started a new photo blog :)

My contribution to the fun is:

"Playing with gravitiy"

lissa said...

Happy Feet!

Sands of time

Saw a great quote I once wrote down just to use at the best time - seems the best time now:

"The world is a playground and life is pushing my swing." - Natalie Kocsis

Great photo - as always! There is nothing like the return-to-childhood when we swing at the playground...I think I'll walk to my park when the weather clears. Thanks for the inspiration, Noah!

Linda said...

tickling the sky...


The blue sky tickles my toes...


touching heaven...