Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BlackBerry Bold - I want one

Research In Motion (RIM) announced its all-singing, all-dancing handheld device earlier this week It's called the BlackBerry Bold (also known numerically as the BlackBerry 9000 - "bold" refers to the quality of the screen. Focus group testers called it "bold" and "brilliant", and "brilliant" wouldn't make such a great name, so...) I'm already planning to "accidentally" leave my existing 8830 under the left passenger-side tire of the family car to, um, facilitate my upgrade path to the new device.

Despite my rep as a bit of a geek, I'm not a gadget hound. Reading spec sheets bores me, and the fanboy arguments in forums and blogs over whose device has better features than all the others reminds me of the pointless exchanges we used to have in elementary school at recess.

But this one's a little different, because there's bigger news beyond the device itself. Specifically, it's RIM's first 3G device. 3G is the wireless equivalent of steroid injection, and shifting from our current, so-called 2G (or second generation) of devices to 3G will be like going from dial-up Internet to high-speed cable or DSL. Mark my words: the shift to 3G will open up entire new classes of services that just aren't feasible over today's pokey-by-comparison wireless handhelds and networks.

Oops, sorry for going a little overboard. This excites me...

I did a bunch of media yesterday, including a live radio hit with Gary Doyle on 570 News in Kitchener (RIM is based in Waterloo, which is part of the same Kitchener-Waterloo metropolitan area...thus this is pretty much RIM's hometown radio station.) Other print-based coverage included:

The National Post. Analysts, investors give thumbs-up to latest BlackBerry. Byline David George-Cosh. Also picked up online here, and by the Vancouver Sun.
However, as competition swirls, the challenge for RIM now is getting the devices into subscribers hands, said AR Communications Inc. senior vice president Carmi Levy.

"Anytime you can beat Apple to the punch is a good thing, but it's a small victory for RIM," he said. "It doesn't change the direction the market is going."

The release of the new BlackBerry model comes on the heels of an earlier announcement that RIM will co-manage a $150-million fund to spur the development of new applications for the smartphone devices.

"This is really the key to growing the BlackBerry franchise over time," Mr. Levy said.

InternetNews.com. BlackBerry Goes Bold for Market Gold. Byline Judy Mottl
According to Levy, given the Bold's expanded features and enhancements, the next several months will be full of news about new applications. "Once it hits its stride, this device will rewrite how we use mobile infrastructure," he said.
Had a couple of other notable hits last week, including:

Unstrung. Verizon Opens LiMo Door. Byline Dan Jones.

InternetNews.com. Motorola Looking to Lure Dev Talent. Byline Judy Mottl

Life's challenges notwithstanding, it's a kick to be able to do this when the wires start to crackle. Damn, this is fun.


she said...

Tell you what. You get the Blackberry and I'll get the Mac ;)

Sarch said...

I wish I had the same passion for my work as you show Carmi. You go boy!

Shelli said...

I don't know. I really love my Curve. I can't imagine loving anything more. I just got mine so maybe by the time I need a new BB, they will have 4G? LOL

aviva said...

Now I know where to look for your old one...