Sunday, July 25, 2010

Orange petals

Life, in all its glory
London, ON, July 2010

I have no momentous reason for either shooting or posting this picture. I noticed it as I was walking past, so I stopped for an impromptu photo shoot. That's all.

I guess flowers do that to me on occasion. I guess we all need the occasional excuse to stop and smell the roses. Or whatever else is growing out of the ground that day.

Your turn: What attracts you to flowers? What's their appeal?


Mojo said...

I'm not really attracted to flowers in a general way. Meaning I don't go out of my way to have/see/be around them. But I am definitely attracted to them when I come across ones that get my attention (as this one would/did).

And I finally had a chance to catch my breath and post a closeup shot of my own for this week's TP
thematic photographic 105: close up - the eyes have it

srp said...

Since we just put in new flower beds, I am attracted to flowers that attract bees and butterflies and birds. At least that has been our plan in selecting plants this year. I think I have one of these fire king daylily. My hummingbirds love them.

From Tracie said...

It is funny, I'm not big on gardening. I don't love getting flowers (they just die) But I love to photograph them.

(I even have a couple of flowers going on at my blog today)

Your orange ones are beautiful!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Stunning capture. Can't not comment on it! :) Hope you're doing well.