Saturday, July 17, 2010

Up, up and away

Straight up
London, ON, July 2009

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London's a city of hot air balloons, and for that I'm strangely thankful. Our geography is compact enough that a hot air balloon that takes off from the middle of town can easily make it to the agricultural hinterlands that surround us before its propane runs out. Which means regular opportunities to stop the bike on the way home and watch them launch from the park in front of the Dairy Queen.

Even if I miss a launch, it's a routine thing to see one of these graceful craft in the sky while I'm out and about. This isn't an earth-shattering civic feature, mind you, and it isn't anything that would make me want to live here above every other place on earth. Still, it's one of those little things that seals the deal on why this place has become so comfortable, the kind of thing that makes me smile a little smile as I realize my day has just been ever-so-slightly brightened.

Which explains why my head turned skyward on a hot day last July when I heard the telltale sound of propane burners. I ran inside for my camera and re-emerged just as the balloon floated directly overhead. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

Your turn: Libro is a financial services institution - think small and personalized - here in southwestern Ontario. Should I submit this to their marketing department? Does balloon advertising work?


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