Monday, October 07, 2013

Thematic Photographic 264 - Feeling reflective

Heavy metal
London, ON
September 2013
Each week, Thematic Photographic celebrates a specific theme designed to get us to spend some time outside our photographic comfort zone. The whole point is to try something new, connect with other like-minded folks and get back in touch with why we fell in love with photography in the first place.

If this aligns with your world view, I hope you'll join us.

This week's theme is "feeling reflective", and I chose it for two reasons. First, I dig mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Second, I've been feeling more reflective than usual lately, and I'm thinking this seemingly simple theme may offer up some surprising ways to interpret.

As ever, how you choose to do so is entirely up to you. I can't wait to see everyone's creativity with this one.

Your turn: Pick a photo that evokes, suggests or otherwise aligns with this week's theme. It's totally up to you. Post it to your blog - or website, or Facebook page, or anyplace online really - and leave a comment here letting everyone know where to find it. Visit other participants and invite a friend along. Use the #ThematicPhotographic hashtag in Twitter if you're into that kind of thing. Most of all, enjoy the experience, as that's why we do it here. For more background on how Thematic works, just click here. Thanks!


Cloudia said...

Wow! I didn't know what I was looking at. Fun dislocation!

ALOHA from Honolulu, Carmi
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

Anonymous said...

great shot; mine's here:

21 Wits said...

Happy autumn reflections, as your fine capture really brings falls colors to mind for me...that and a bit of dancing and merry-making! Mine is here

fredamans said...

Nice angle!

Kelsea said...

Fun picture! Really liked this week's theme. Some reflective views from my life...

Bob Scotney said...

I like this idea - but not as esay as I thought it would be.
Here's mine

Gilly said...

Oh wow Carmi! That's one colourful photo! Mine are here

photodoug said...

Carmi, interesting take on reflective. Here is our reflection.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Walnut Reflections

Glennis said...

That was a great shot. Like Cloudia, it took me a while to get what it was.

Here's my reflective shot: