Thursday, September 30, 2004

Annals of leadership

I came across a site named Bossholes that sort of reminds me of some lovely people for whom I used to work. Even if it doesn't have the same effect on you, it's a funny diversion for the 12.6 seconds you'll spend there.

And before you finish asking the question, allow me to confirm that I didn't deliberately go looking for this URL. I do not repeatedly mumble the names of my former leaders. I do not swear revenge against them. I do not leave thumbtacks under their tires in the parking lot. I simply stumbled across the site reference in a techie newsletter that relentlessly litters my inbox every day.

I suppose I could just cancel my subscription and never have to hit Delete ever again. But then you wouldn't know about Bossholes. And I wouldn't feel all self-important because a mail server somewhere thousands of miles away remembers my e-mail address. Sometimes, you just want to feel like you belong, right?

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Danya said...

So far, In perusing the site but briefly, I've identified as many as 5 species of Bosshole. As Dr. Smith would say: Oh! The agony of it all!
There are a couple of colleagues that I could assign Bosshole traits to, but that will be for shits and giggles during my "not at work" time later this evening. My husband will LOVE this site! I want my inbox to be littered with the newsletters that you get, Carmi. They're obviously more enlightening than the sanctimonious drivel that usually ends up mine!