Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Red Skies at Night

Peering out the window as we tucked the little people in earlier this evening, I noticed another colorful sky shaping up in beautiful, suburban London. I guess all that pollution has an upside.

So I grabbed the digicam - again - and ventured beyond the backyard for another non-film shooting experience. No, I can't tell you when this bizarre optical experimentation of mine will end.

The results reminded me of a song, Red Skies at Night, from one of my favorite seminal '80s bands, The Fixx . Unlike most songs from that era, this one has aged wonderfully.

So as I let that song settle into the recesses of your musical brain, here's the result of my bedtime tangent. Looks like this one's a sailors' delight.


Amelia said...

What a beautiful photograph! Sunsets and sunrises produce such a variety of colours they never cease to amaze me, there is something magical about the sky at these times.

I remember as a child I was told a saying;

"Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning".

I always think of this saying when I see a red sky, it's meant to predict the weather for the day/next day!

Wheelson said...


There are a bunch of new brainy posts here I could comment on but it's late and right now I'm identifying most with the one with the pretty colors.

Gonzo said...

Carmi, can I sue you for the torture I'm now experiencing, that of drowning in bad memories tall, teased, multi-colored hair, the spandex, the glitter? Ugh.

Sorry, but I had all I can take of Flock of Seagulls/Tears For Fears/The Cure, etc., when I was in high school. My heart was drawn to The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones, but I pretended to like 80's pop music so I could look to all the girls at the parties like I was cool.

All that said, incredibly beautiful photo.

carmilevy said...

Sorry for the bad 80s musical trip. It wasn't intentional. Not much, anyway :)

Seriously, sometimes it's just a hoot to zip back in time. Nostalgia is a wonderful way of reliving the things we enjoyed without having to experience the seaweed as well. It's almost as if memories get cleansed as the years go on. I can live with that.