Wednesday, September 22, 2004

OMG, Guess Who's Online!

Once upon a time, I wrote for a little Montreal weekly tabloid called The Suburban. It was a fun gig while finishing up j-school, and it taught me the ins and outs of community-based journalism.

Mike Cohen has written for the paper for longer than I can remember, and through his e-mail list for ex-pats like me reports that the paper has launched its web site,

I've attached his mailing below. No, I haven't added an e to my name. My birth certificate still says Carmi.

If you're an ex-Montrealer, enjoy the new link to your hometown. If you aren't, it's still an excellent example of local reportage. Thanks for sharing the great news, Mike!

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael J. Cohen
Sent: Wednesday,
September 22, 2004 8:12 AM
To: Recipient List Suppressed:
Subject: Mike
Cohen's Columns--A new

Over the years, I have been pleased to e-mail my Suburban Newspaper columns out to more than 300 people, primarily ex-Montrealers. I credit Carmie Levy, originally of Chomedey and now residing in London. Ont. for the idea.

The one question I was asked repeatedly? When will The Suburban be available online.

Well, that day has arrived. As of today you can access the entire paper on our new website. Take a few seconds to register (FOR FREE) and you will have access to the paper and some bonuses.

I will still send those of you on my list reminders---with the hyperlink.

Normally, the Suburban online version will only be accessible by mid-day Wednesdays. Today, they have launched it early.

So please, log on to

And pass this website address on to as many people as possible

For my articles, look in index for
A) columnists---my city column
B) technology- two stories (a story on the website)
-How I joined the online revolution

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Trillian said...

Thanks for the link, Carmi. Happy reading.