Monday, September 27, 2004

Is the Force truly with us?

Just when you think the Star Wars phenomenon can’t possibly get any sillier, it does. Word from the ether is there’s a new flick out, and it's called Turkish Star Wars. It originates from, you guessed it, Turkey, and its producers should be lauded for their creative titling.

Based on the video clips available on the linked web site, it just might join Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Plan 9 from Outer Space on the all-time list of cheesiest films. At least in the latter two cases, the humor was at least partly deliberate. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case here.

Then again, George Lucas seems completely unable to understand how completely inane his movies have become. Not that it matters, because he’s made his billions off of the gullibility of a generation of doofii. But he nonetheless missed achieving the kind of cultural acceptance enjoyed by the significantly more skilled Steven Spielberg because, quite simply, George couldn’t string a worthwhile movie together to save his life. Or Jar Jar Binks’s life, for that matter.

I’m almost afraid to ask what comes next. What would George think? What would the Star Wars Kid think? What would Triumph the Insult Comic Dog think?

Better yet, does the world care about Star Wars any more?


Diane said...

"doofii" - I love it. I must remember that word and use it often.

The original trilogy? Yes, very much so here, for nostalgia more than any other reason. But the new stuff. Nah, I could leave it.

Amelia said...

I'm not a Star Wars fan myself, but my children love it.
Mind you, I was kind of fond of Jar-Jar Binks!!

Rich Rosenthal II said...

I think there are some real hard core star wars people who just wont accept that the last moveie was pretty much crap. I've had people tell me it was the greatest ever and I kept thinking how could they love that whiney angst stuff.

That being said my copy of the orgianl trilogy is on it's way from amazon.