Sunday, September 12, 2004

Still with the Photos: Up in the Air

I've started taking the digicam everywhere. The underlying theory of photography is you can't get the shot if you don't have your equipment at hand. So to tilt the law of photographic averages somewhat more in my favor, I spent much of the weekend wearing the camera case around my belt.

Yes, when coupled with my cell phone, I look like the penultimate uber-geek. But it means I can capture scenes like one below. I had taken the two littlest ones on an expedition through the moonscape that is our construction-devoured neighborhood. After fording gravel-strewn roads and avoiding monster tractors, we made it to the nearby playground. When I wasn't pushing them in the swings or sitting in awe of their seemingly bottomless energy reserves, I noticed the clouds were becoming somewhat dense and causing all sorts of fascinating reflections across the blue sky. I unscientifically pointed the camera skyward and proceeded to fill the SD card.

Oh yes, I also took pictures of the kids. I'll post those to the Yahoo Photo site (I've also added the link to the sidebar). Now to explain to my wife why I seem to be using her camera more often than I use my own. Oops.


carmilevy said...

I love how the shift toward digital camera is once again encouraging people to take lots of pictures. It's like writing: the more often you practice, the better the results.

Can't wait to see your own nerdbombing results!

Danya said...

I recognize this! I was actually driving home from my sister's place in Burlington and was thinking "wow, I'll bet Carmi's taking a picture of this". And you were!

carmilevy said...

I've been taking lots of pictures lately. More so than usual, which says something given my lifelong addiction to all things photographic.

Today's victim was a tree stump. If I can crop it down to an interesting detail, I'll post it here. Otherwise, it'll get added to an ever-growing pile of Carmi-Being-Carmi photos. You know, the ones that cause immediate family members to roll their eyes.

At least I'm not wasting film on 'em!