Monday, September 13, 2004

Balls of Color

I took this picture at a playplace near our house. It's called Adventures on Wonderland, and, big surprise, it's located on London's Wonderland Road. Creative, eh?

Anyhoo, this place is the current saveur du jour for our kids. It's the modern (read overcommercialized) incarnation of an indoor playground, and it lets the little people run loose for a while while their parents sit idly by in the futile hope that they'll burn off enough energy to sleep through the night. Yeah, as if.

This pic is from the giant ball pit. Colorful, isn't it? What you can't see are the billions of little bacteria that infest every surface of every lovely ball. Mmmm, makes you want to dip the little munchkins in disinfectant when you get home.


Diane said...

Yeah, they might be quite disease ridden, but doesn't it look like fun? Why don't they have adult-sized ball pits? That's what I want to know. I have often thought it would be a great idea to open an adult "Chuck E. Cheese" replete with alcoholic drinks and adult-sized fun things like CEC has. I suppose the insurance on something like that might be prohibitive though. Drinking + giant plastic tubs along the ceiling = recipe for disaster.

carmilevy said...

I love that idea! I've often wondered why more kids' amenities can't simply be scaled up for adults. I think strollers are long overdue. Who, after a long day at the office, wouldn't want to take a load off and be pushed through the mall by a loving family member for a little while?

Canadians seem to be a bit less litigious, so if you're thinking of a Chuck E Cheese-with-booze concept, it might just fly here. I'd gladly pay a cover charge to blow off steam. Anything beats the conventionally and stupefyingly boring bar concept.