Monday, February 28, 2005

Go flight, GlobalFlyer

Inveterate explorer Steve Fossett has launched his pursuit of one of the last remaining major aviation challenges: a solo, non-stop, around-the-world flight. The plane's called the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer. It was designed by Burt Rutan, the legendary founder of Scaled Composites who also designed SpaceShipOne (X Prize winner for the first privately-funded sub-orbital trips to space), Voyager (first around-the-world, non-stop flight), The Beech Starship 1, the VariEze, Long-EZ, and a list too long to repeat here, but clickable here.

The GlobalFlyer home page is here. Be prepared to wait a while for it to load, however, because anyone with even a passing interest in aviation is hammering the site as we speak. The site's real-time tracking page is here.

Web woes aside, Godspeed, Steve. The adventures of people like you - and the teams of experts who stand behind you - set a shining example for those who appreciate your exploits. It's more than just a flight.

Despite the winter storm moving over London, Ontario, I will wave as you cruise over our part of the world around the time we tuck ourselves into bed. The wishes of the world are with you.


Jay said...

Dana (and I) say hello.
I hope the weather is just the right amount, no bad stuff, just the warm fuzzies.

Gonzo said...

Carmi, thanks for this post. As my post on this points out, this is too cool not to mention.

Of course, I'll probably lose my job because I'll be tracking the flight, but at least I'll have fun in the process.

Janet said...


Your blog just does not like me today. I tried leaving a comment earlier on the post about your son. I tried again just now but found the only way I could "break in" was to comment here.

And all I wanted to say is that I think the independent attitude is starting younger and younger as I see it on some of my third graders.

Now you tell me blogger, was that really so bad?:(