Friday, February 04, 2005

The Hasselhoffian Recursion

Thought I'd lighten things up a bit. Why? Because I can. First, a couple of definitions to get us started:
  • Recursion: The facility of a programming language to be able to call functions from within themselves.
  • David Hasselhoff: Popular actor from the 80s and 90s. Starred in television's Knight Rider and, later, Baywatch. Although incredibly devoid of actual talent, he has gone on to become something of a worldwide star, especially in Germany. Go figure. Related references: William Shatner, Herve Villechaize, Scott Baio.
Now that we have the words worked out, I introduce you to view the Hasselhoffian Recursion, which has been slowly making the rounds below the collective bloggers' radar.

Does this add to our collective well of knowledge and culture? Um, that would be a resounding no. What about improving all of our tomorrows? Again, not quite. But I'm sure it'll make you smile, even if just for a second. From that perspective, a sliver of humor, no matter how moronic it may seem on the surface, is something worth sharing with others. Would you agree?

Warning: Before you click the link, please ensure you are not already feeling queasy. Even if you're a fan, it might be disturbing to those who are weak of stomach.


Jill said...

I cannot stop laughing!

Dean said...

I hate recursion. Problems with recursive code can be incredibly hard to track down.

I hate recursion even more when it involves David Hasselhoff, who I have never actually watched act.

carmilevy said...

Jill: Sorry for the hurting stomach.

Dean: You're not alone. I don't think anyone else has ever actually watched the divine Mr. H. act either. (Sorry, that wasn't nice of me. Truthful, but not exactly nice.)

Isn't this fun?

Chris said...

Aaaahhhhhh, my eyes!!!!

must ... watch ... laurence ... olivier ....

OK, all better now. Thanks for the laugh, Carmi!

Gonzo said...

Well, at least it's Hasselhoff and not Herve Villechaize! LOL!

Mellie Helen said...

LOL, Howard, you cracked me up!!

Good golly, Carmi! It's like a twisted South-Park-Style Valentine Greeting! Yikes!!!

vegemiterules said...

I now need a "bex" and a good "sleep", hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, all memory of this will be erased