Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Publish Day - those thieving insurance cos.

Something tells me today's column in the London Free Press, Public sours on insurance firms' sweet deal, won't make me any friends at Mother Corp. You see, although this article isn't remotely close to being about my former employers, enough leaders there will likely see the words "insurance companies" and instantly pull out their Stick a Hole-a in the Ayatollah dartboards (remember those?) before quickly replacing the old guy's picture with mine and having a good old tossing session at my face.

That I'm writing about property, casualty and business insurers, and not the rather different financial and investment services sector, will likely be lost on them. Truth is, greed in all forms ticks me off, and I witnessed plenty of it in my past drone life (such as achieving 20% ROE, multiple consecutive quarters of record profits, followed by endless years of cry-poor budget and career management restraints.) So if the shoe fits, then I guess it has to be worn by someone.

Yup, I admit I'm a bit bitter. Constant exposure to greediness will do that to the best of us. The bitterness I feel is a good thing, however, for it focuses my writing and (hopefully) reaches people.

With this focused-bitterness-as-catalyst ethos in mind, does this latest consumerist-focused commentary of mine incite you to do something about the soulless corporate entities among you?

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Kung Pow Pig said...

I've found the only thing that makes me feel good in the fight against greedy, soulless corps is to make sure that the offending parties never see a penny of my money. And to tell anyone who'll listen why they should do the same.

I'm often ridiculed for my bitterness by some friends, but I think of it as praise.

It's a little something I like to call Consumer Reciprocity: You screw me and others like me - I do my part to bring down your profits.