Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hockey's past

Now that the NHL has finally called off its season, can we please remove it from its undeserved spot at the top of the news cycle? Surely there are more important things to discuss than this tarnished sport, its greedy players, and its equally small-minded owners.

Interestingly, the world continued to spin on its axis after the inevitable announcement. Life went on, as it shall whether or not a few hundred overpaid "heroes" strap on their skates. Would the planet really be worse off if the league never came back? Would we even care, much less notice?

BTW, I wrote this piece, NHL labour tiff lacks perspective, (and blogged it here) last September, and my perspective hasn't changed a whole lot since then. I still think all the constituents in the NHL lockout are morons for not seeing the forest for the trees, and society is moronic for perpetuating the ridiculous notion that professional sport still means something.


Jamie said...

You would think if they loved the sport so much, they'd do it for next to nothing. I just wanted to watch some damn hockey.

They oughta be paid what I get, that would mean a lot more for the game then making them ridiculously wealthy and spoiled!

HippyChix said...

I ranted about the hockey idiots back at the beginning of the 'season' lol what a joke.

I am a huge hockey fan, but this has turned me off pro hockey forever. Even if they get their shit together next year, I will no longer watch or support professional hockey.

I have found that college hockey and high school hockey is much more fun, and fills my need to watch the game. They are still doing it for the love of the game, for the most part, and it shows.

I'm just tired of pro sports, and the values that they instill in our youth. I will not support that kind of idioicy another day! (Yes, I think if we watch it, we are saying its ok) Those are not the values I would want to instill in my children.

< /rant> sorry ... hot spot :)


Ms Mac said...

I am absolutely gob-smacked that this has happened. I try to imagine what would happen in the UK if the soccer was cancelled or the Aussie Rules in Australia was cancelled. It's a bad example all round to children who are fans of any sport, showing them that sport is played for cold hard cash.

But, it does add more fuel to my agrument that the whole world should only play Rugby in Winter and Cricket in Summer! ;-)