Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Little boy sleeps

Ever since we first brought our first bundle of joy home - driving with the hazards on in the right lane the whole way because I was beyond nervous driving our newly-expanded family home - I've had a strange habit of taking pictures of our sleeping children.

I do so for a number of reasons:
  • They move incredibly fast when they're awake, so pulling out the camera while they sleep gives me a chance to actually get a nicely-focused and composed shot.
  • Looking at the results reinforces why I never want to forget what the innocence of childhood looks, sounds, smells, and feels like.
  • They're so darn cute, thanks to my wife's genetic influence.
I took this one of Noah in B&W. I feel happy when I look at it. I know he's not your kid, but how do pictures like this make you feel?


Gerald Buckley said...

Reading about your driving home with the hazards on reminded me of our drives home w/ Ian and Logan. You're certainly in a heightened safety awareness mode on that day.

We've been taking SLR b/w photos of the kids for the past few years and they're actually turning out to be nostalgic little time capsules. The ooohs and aaaahs are just a little more special with b/w. In general it gives me a ton of pride to know the next generation is going to be ok... so long as we don't screw it up for them in the process :)

Great blog!

Judy said...

First, the picture is beautiful :) Your son is adorable.
Second, my reaction to seeing it was that someday, I hope I have children of my own to feel so protective and loving over, that I want to take pictures of them in their sleep. And it kind of made me a bit sad to think that I'm not the least bit close to having all that. But hey, someday!

Jill said...

Driving home with your hazard lights on is so very sweet. Seeing this picture of Noah calms my heart and makes me think that there is a lot of good in this world. You're a wonderful father, Carmi.

Joan said...

That little boy has the peace that I wish I had. So often kids want to rush into adulthood. I wish they could all stay looking as peaceful as your son looks.

Ms Mac said...

Jealous! I swear mine are never that peaceful! ;-)
And I miss that age.

markisdead said...

What do I feel? An immediate sense of protectiveness, even though I have no connection with your son. I would like to think it is a common trait for humans to want to protect the young and vulnerable, whoever they are. Also a bit of jealousy; oh to be that innocent again and to not be aware of the darker side of human nature. Sweet dreams, Noah, you may not realise it yet, but you are a lucky kid to have such loving parents.

Great photo Carmi. And B&W is definitely best for this type of shot, IMHO.

Linda said...

Your son is beautiful. Pictures of children sleeping always look so angelic...peaceful. The photo itself makes me feel excited. We just found out that I am pregnant with our second, which took 2 years of trying to conceive. I'm only five weeks along and in a high risk pregnancy, but I feel encouraged. Looking at the photo lets me remember all the great moments we've had in Ari's little life and how special that will be with our second.

Chris said...

A beautiful photo of a beautiful child. I don't think it's a strange habit at all.

I think part of the appeal of watching our children sleep is that it gives us a rare chance to look at them yet be alone with our thoughts. Much as we love them, it must be admitted that, awake, even the best of them are not exactly low maintenance. A sleeping child lets you remember all the best things about being a parent, without all the background noise. It's akin to walking into a cathedral (even if you're not a believer) - there's a hush, a reverence, a reluctance to disturb, that frees and focuses your thoughts at the same time.

Gonzo said...

There's a scene in one of my favorite movies, The World According to Garp, that seems so incredibly relevent here.

Garp and his wife look in on their sleeping children and Garp, a writer, says, "I will never write anything that beautiful."

As a parent of a 7-year old, I concur completely.