Friday, February 18, 2005

Got comments?

Blogger is having a difficult time handling comments this week. For what we all - individually and collectively - pay for this service, you figure....wait, we don't pay anything, so I'll stop whining.

Be that as it may, the net impact is most folks have been greeted by session timeouts and other creative error messages when trying to comment here and on other blogs hosted by Blogger.

Truth be told, I miss everyone's thoughts. So if you've got something to say and the service threatens to chew it into oblivion, please feel free to e-mail it to me (writteninc AT gmail DOT com) and I'll post 'em to the appropriate spot when someone over at Google heads down into the data centre and kicks the bejeebers out of the comments server.

I'll now take off my techie hat (I really do hate wearing it here) and return to my usual whining about stuff that most of us really don't care about.


Janet said...

Well I'll tell ya. I just had a hell of a time leaving a comment right now. But the only reason I mention this is bc you bring it up. Commenting on many a blog takes more time sometimes than I care to admit.:(

carmilevy said...

I wish I could snap my fingers and make it better. I'm going to assume Blogger is experiencing teething pains with its new commenting interface.

One day soon, I'll migrate the whole works to a real platform. For now, I'll put up with the silliness because it's free and I don't have the cycles to devote to migrating it anywhere else.

Thank you for putting up with it. I appreciate it muchly.