Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Quoted - on Palm and Microsoft

First Apple and Intel, now Palm and Microsoft. It seems some fairly longstanding rivalries in the tech industry are undergoing some major shifts this year. Cool by me. It makes it a more fun sector to cover.

We sent out a press release yesterday to comment on Palm's adoption of the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system for its next Treo smartphone. It's entitled, Treo on Windows marks an acceleration in the demise of the Palm OS platform. Here's the link on the wire.

Here's a quick list of who's picked it up thus far:
CNET News / ZDNet. (Missteps forced Palm’s hand)
Yahoo! Finance.
Tekrati (The Industry Analyst Reporter).
Digital Lifestyles.
Globe & Mail - interview done, publication pending.
CFRA Radio (Ottawa) - interview done, airs tonight.


Kim said...

That's great that it's been picked up already. I'd listen to your interview on the radio, but I'm no where near Ottawa.

Chatty said...

I just saw a blurb about this on the NBC Evening News.

Kristen said...

just so you know I added you to my blog roll..hope you dont mind...If you do lemme know and ill remove ya! thanks for the reads...

Steve said...


Glad to see it's taking off for you. My more computer-savvy friends over at manufacturedenvironments.com have been notified of your work.


ribbiticus said...

saw this on the news too and thought it was pretty cool. :)