Sunday, August 24, 2008

Caption This 85

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Laval, QC, August 2008 [Click to enlarge]

The scene: We've come to the supermarket here to pick up a few necessities. Zayda (grandfather) pushes the cart while Noah rides along. It's been a while since I took pictures in a supermarket, but I figure I don't live here, so it wouldn't be overly inconvenient if they kicked me out. As we turn down the cereal aisle, I realize just how busy this environment is, how the designs and colors seem to fight each other for our attention - not to mention the attention of an increasingly media-savvy 8-year-old boy.

He doesn't ask for a thing as we slowly roll down this riotous kill zone of commercialism. We soon leave the fluorescent-bathed color behind as we head home to put the groceries away and rest our eyes.

No one even noticed my camera.

Your turn: Please come up with a caption for this image. Click the Comment link below and go to town. Feel free to suggest as many as you'd like, and don't be afraid to pull your friends, neighbors and colleagues in as you see fit. We actively encourage promiscuous captioning, as you know. (This photo continues this week's Thematic Photographic theme, colorful. Have you played TP yet? No? Why, you absolutely must! Click here to begin.)

About last week's image of a semi-trailer that's well past its prime: I could hear the silence as I captured this photo, and every time I look at it, even 2+ years after I shot it, I still do. You all clearly heard something as you suggested a range of very strong captions. Honorable menschens go to:
  • Jacie: "Rust never sleeps."
  • Sara: "Been there done that."
  • Linda: "Contents no longer shift during movement."
  • Anne: "Tired."
  • Mojo: "I don't know when that road turned on to the road I'm on."
  • Awareness: "A Road Less Travelled."
  • Dan: My haulin' days are over/I'm no longer in tow/They didn't want me at the truck stop/But there's always room in Jellico
  • Robin: "Truck stopped."
And the winner, Carmi? For the first time in Caption This history, we have a tie. Barb and Moi both suggested "Rust in peace." And since I moderate comments and neither had seen the other's submission, they both take the crown. How cool is that! Their respective blogs, Picture this, at last and Not By A Long Shot are delightfully full of unique perspectives on life and photography. If you haven't read them, please remedy that soon - and kindly drop them a congratulatory line as well.

One more thing: I don't say "thank you" to you all enough for making Written Inc.'s weekly challenges, Caption This and Thematic Photographic, the successes that they are. Please know that I deeply appreciate the spirit with which you all participate. None of this would be anywhere near as much fun as it is were it not for your enthusiasm and drive. Thank you so much.


b13 said...


Barbara said...

Carmi, I'm proud of you! You know your aircraft carriers! I'll be telling the rest of the story tomorrow!

I am very pleased, indeed, and honored to share the title this week with Moi. Since you posted that old trailer my hubby has been from Missouri to Arizona, to northern California to New Jersey and is now in Idaho on the way to Portland OR! I can't wait to tell him about the Caption This.

As for this week, going down the sugar-trap cereal aisle I can only imagine, in a frequency only a child can hear: "Pick me! Pick me!"

D.O.M. Dan said...

Thanks again for an Honorable Menschen. I must be on some kind of a roll, because that's two weeks in a row. Here's my try for this week's picture: "If I can only get my hands on the toy inside".

I'm amazed that your son doesn't ask for a thing. Maybe you're just referring to the cereal aisle. My soon-to-be 8-year-old daughter asks for a lot of things (that are not on my shopping list), but I'll only allow one - if she behaves.

kenju said...

Even though you said he didn't ask for anything, I'm titling it:

"I want one from column a and three from column b and six from column C!"

Anonymous said...

"Oooohhh, aaaahhhh!"

I just came upon your blog from a link on Pensieve's blog ( I am working on my own blog to get it up to public viewing status, so for now, I don't have a blog addy to share. But I am loving your blog already and can't wait to participate more!

Jacie said...

thanks for the Honourable Menschen Carmi.
First thing to come to mind is

Sugar Rush

awareness said...

In Search of Capt'n Crunch.

I Wonder if Tony the Tiger lives here.

Kellogg Jungle

Corporate Crispies

BreadBox said...

Riding the cereal bus

Anonymous said...

"Master and Commander"


Uisce said...

Sugar aproaching... "STAY ON TARGET"

Anonymous said...

Cereal killer

Aisle spy

Aisle level

Aisle be seeing you in all the old familiar places...

As far as the aisle, can see


Diabetic coma just waiting to happen!

Thanks for the menschen, Carmi :). Here are a few to get me started...who knows if some more will hit me later in the week?

GREAT to see some of my readers popping over to see you!

Nestor Family said...

Freedom of Choice (???)

barbie2be said...

the most important meal

Janet said...

My caption: "Not yet, Grandpa, the good cereal is at the other end!""

Beverly said...

Those captions are all so good.

"But I don't see any that I like."

Lacey Lichi said...

I'm am enjoying taking in your blog- not just looking through but taking in. I really want to come up with a witty caption but nothing is coming to mind. . .

All in a day's work

The American Prison

I don't know, I'll get my hubby to help brainstorm and I'll be back. Again, fantastic site!

Sara said...

cereal, cereal everywhere, but not a bite to eat

Sara said...

The Captin Crunch Hunt

Pamela said...

Sugar Time

You Tube Link

I was shopping for breakfast cereal a few weeks ago before our grand children came for a weekend.
The first ingredient on some of those boxes was, indeed, SUGAR.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I can build a fort this tall at home?

Sara said...

Eye on the tiger . . . Tony the tiger that is :)

Sara said...

the pursuit of happiness

Sara said...

commercialism at its best

Sara said...

freedom of choice

Anne said...

Fruity Pebbles, please.....oh, and Cap't Crunch!

Where's 'special Z'?

lissa said...

Hoping I'm not too late for this but having just found some time to peruse, I had to contribute.

If he's thinking anything that my kids continue to think in a grocery store it's, "Hmmmm...I wonder how much I can grab and put into this cart before they notice..."

Now, with the self-scanner at the checkout, there are very few surprises that actually make it home. Eagle-eyed mama usually discards the undesireables that kidlets try to sneak into the cart!