Saturday, August 23, 2008

Colors at play

Planetary alignment
London, ON, June 2008
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GM's Saturn brand has always billed itself as a different kind of car company. The auto afficionados among us can argue that point until time immemorial, but one can't dispute the organization's commitment to its surrounding communities. In recent years, local dealers have funded the installation of new playgrounds in every corner of the city.

Interestingly, the Saturn Playground philosophy is to install equipment that all children of all abilities can enjoy. Saturn Playgrounds encourage children to work together, which is a refreshing change from the usual apparatus found in a city playground.

Their latest one popped up in a neighborhood that very much needs a shot in the arm. Located just off of one of the city's most notorious and crime-ridden areas, almost forgotten by the high-speed traffic speeding by on Adelaide Street, it attracts kids and families who don't seem to have much color in their lives. As I strolled by on a sunny afternoon, I had to wait for knots of kids to clear before I could get this shot.

Your turn: Color that changes lives. Please discuss.


Snaggle Tooth said...

A dude named Bill Leathers designed our larger playgrounds, but it's not that colorful or for special needs folks either. That sounds like an excellent concept!

I'm am artist who ofen has the habit of painting things the wrong colors. I have a blue cat next to me on the wall... I think colors should never be limited.

I did a post "Colors" on the 16th showing amazing natural colors
The natural things nearby still surprise me sometimes.

Lynda said...

Sometimes, big business gets it right - yea, Saturn! and the colors are stunning.

theaddict said...

very nice. do you have a flickr acount? and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Color can have a direct affect on my disposition--if I walk into a brightly decorated room? I can't help but smile! It's why we've used a LOT of color in our home--it just FEELS better than "vanilla" everywhere :).

I've thrown my hat into the TP a dear and visit, won't you?

swilek said...

Here is my entry for this week's theme!

swilek said...

I used to drive a Saturn and used to get asked all the time by strangers if it really was a different kind of car company - did their commercials( remember those ones where the Saturn dealer would drive an injured client to the hospital, etc.) really hold true in real life?! All I know is I used to get flowers every time I got my car fixed at a Saturn dealership!!:) I'm glad to hear they are commited to helping the less fortunate experience the same opportunities as other children! Colour does change lives. An example where I find that holds true is in what we wear. I know it may sound "surfacey" ...however, adding colour to our wardrobe does something to our spirit!

MaR said...

What vibrant colors!!! and look: those are the colors of the Spanish flag...thanks for your kind thoughts and comment, Carmi.

Gordon said...

What can I say I see that little bit of color and I'm filling up here someone somewhere that has the money and actually gives a rats ass about somebody less fortunate than themselves at least the kids appreciate it unlike around here where they get ruined by one or 2 kids "cause they're bored".