Sunday, August 24, 2008

Written Inc. makes the newspaper...

...sort of.

Dan Brown works for the London Free Press, our burg's daily paper. He occasionally writes the editorial for the paper. And this past Thursday, he chose to write about the state of blogging in London. The piece was entitled Blogs blossom in Forest City.

Long story short, someone named John Leschinski decided to rate London blogs. Dan congratulated him, but said he missed out on some good blogs, including...mine! Here's the snippet:
One can disagree with Leschinski's conclusions. He certainly did not provide a comprehensive catalogue of all the noteworthy London blogs, leaving out such ones as Phronk and Written Inc.

But let's all hope his analysis sparks a larger discussion.
How cool is that? My little blog making the big-print, center-page editorial of a daily paper. Okay, it won't bring me any closer to retirement, but it's a nice mention all the same. Thanks, Dan. Based on the comments on both your and Mr. Leschinski's sites, you definitely kickstarted that larger discussion.

And thanks to my friend Laurie for letting me know it was there. I often let papers stack for days before I catch up. Her e-mail sent me scurrying for the Thursday edition.

BTW, Dan's blog, Cool Blog Name to Come, can be found here.

(Oops, almost forgot: I'll post the new Caption This later today. I'm spending some deliberate time away from technology today - the real live folks who make life joyous need my undivided attention more than my laptop does. Whatever you're doing today, I hope it's just as fulfilling!)


Anonymous said...

Now THAT? Is cool.

Thumper said...

Very cool :)

Anonymous said...

Carmi: I must admit that I was uncomfortable about the number of sites that hadn't been mentioned, including a couple that I've nominated for awards in the past. Not because I had anything to do with the review (I didn't) but because I was reviewed so favorably. I did try to put some focus on those others in the discussion which has followed on Dan's blog, suggesting that people can find links to them (inc. your site) in my blogroll. I agree with you that more focus on the local e-community (not just blogs) would be a good thing.

Star said...

Very cool. My daughter was identified as a Philly blogger of note in the local paper and she was thrilled.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

It's well-deserved.

I'm sure that next time, you won't need a champion.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I've certainly become a regular reader. The article mention is well deserved.

Jason Roth said...

That's cool!