Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stripes on mirrored glass

Reflective facade
Toronto, ON
May 2008
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If you're just joining us: This entry continues this week's Thematic Photographic theme - patterns - here at Written Inc. TP is a weekly activity that challenges you to pull out your camera or dig into your archives and share something that reflects this week's theme. It's a serious hoot. Really. Click here to jump into this week's theme or here to see all TP entries to-date.
The scene: Friday evening, 7:05, downtown Toronto. I'm just downstairs from the AM640 Toronto Radio studios, about to head inside for a live interview with John Downs. I've become a bit of a regular on the show, and as their resident tech guru I get to banter with John and an endless array of really cool callers. It's as immediate and vital as radio gets, and it's why I love this medium so.

As I always do before I do anything media-related, I pause for a second and focus on what comes next. I take moments like this because it helps me shift gears and get my brain in the game. I'm in a canyon of tall buildings, and the one across the street is particularly reflective. I decide I like the pattern, so I break out the camera and capture a few images before I head inside. More than a two-dimensional image of a building, I suspect I've captured another memorable moment in my weird and varied life.

Your turn: Quiet moments before you go live. Please discuss.


Mojo said...

The only interviews i've been through are job interviews, but the pre-game ritual is much the same I guess. years ago when I was desperate to find gainful employment, my "psyche-up speech" to myself went along the lines of: "You're experienced, well-trained, and probably smarter than at least 50% of the people who'll be in this room today. You know you've got the goods, and before you leave today they'll know it too. Deep breath now... in through the nose... out through the mouth..."

Eventually I was right. Or close enough to right anyway.

Cool pattern... gives me an idea... hmm...

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

As to your question, years ago, I used to listen to some AC-DC before going to the courthouse for a jury trial. I'm not sure when that stopped, but now, I just nurse coffee and think about something other than objections and closing arguments.