Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caption This 84

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Jellico, TN, January 2006 [Click to enlarge]
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There's a quiet dignity in the way some objects of everyday life are left to decay where most of us will never find them. As if they deserve a little peace after years of being rung through the wringer.

I came across this rusting trailer in back of a combined gas station/fireworks shop in a tiny little town that's become an oddly traditional stop for us on on our way home from Florida (please see here and here for earlier entries from this place.) Tucked in the mountains near the Kentucky border, it's the kind of place that the world seems to have left behind. This scene, punctuated by complete silence that seemed as if it would never be broken, struck me as a poignant comment on what happens to the things we no longer need.

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About last week's photo of a couple in a San Francisco public square: I loved this scene from the first moment I shot it. Obviously, you all did, too. I love when that happens! This week's very special Honorable Menschens include:
  • Barb: "Close encounters."
  • Steve: "The beginning of happily ever after."
  • Danny: "So close, and yet so far."
  • Mojo: "Stories are created on such nights."
  • Awareness: "Holding onto the present for one more moment."
  • Bernie: "Shades of grey."
  • Barbie2be: "Watching love."
Chad's "Modern love" marries the scene in a way that brings me right back to the moment I shot the image. If you haven't seen his excellent photography and accompanying writing, click here to visit his blog. I hope you'll send a kudo or two his way while you're there, as he just got engaged.


craziequeen said...

"combined gas station/fireworks shop"

my knee jerk H&S Officer reaction to this was........




Jacie said...

Rust never sleeps

Sara said...

been there done that

Linda said...

Contents no longer shift during movement.

Barbara said...

Carmi, it's interesting that you happened to post a picture of a semi-trailer today. My husband just left on his first run as an over-the-road truck driver. Though he will be gone for long stretches at a time - and will be missed terribly -- he has always wanted to do this, but his reasons now are to make better money so I can continue to pursue a livelihood in the arts, to contribute to keeping commerce and free enterprise running, and to see the country. Long way to my caption: "Thank you, Road Warrior. Rest in peace." Ok, for giggles on the lighter side: "Rust in peace." :-)

Barbara said...

Oh, and thank you for the Honoeable Menchen!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

R.I.P.!!!! Rust in peace!!!!

part of that caption was inspired by jacie's and partly by your line " This scene, punctuated by complete silence that seemed as if it would never be broken...."

Anonymous said...

"Where are the grafitti artists when you need them?"

D.O.M. Dan said...


Thanks for the honorable menschen for last week's caption.

Here's my try for this week: "Trailer for sale or rent"

Anne said...

"wash me"


Mojo said...

Thanks for the menschen last week!

Seems that there's a lyrical theme in the suggestions for this shot. And I have to admit, my first thought was:
"I've been warped by the rain, driven by the snow, I'm drunk and dirty but don't you know I'm still willin'".
(Willin' by Lowell George and Little Feat.)

My next thought was:
"I don't know when that road turned on to the road I'm on"
(Runnin' on Empty by Jackson Browne)

And in the non-lyrical comedic vein:
"I told you this was a dead end street!"

Actually... maybe that's not so comical.

awareness said...

Hi Carmi.....thank you for the honourable mention on last week's caption.

Now for this first thought took me to wondering what kind of "loads" this trailer carried and was thinking of humans being transported over the border. Don't know why except it always seems like when you see a story on the news about illegal immigrants it always shows a trailer looking like that one. So, with that in mind......FOR some of these ideas.....

Human Cargo, End of the Road

A Road Less Travelled.

Taking a Risk and Ending up in Kentucky.

Country Roadkill

Dying Dreams

Foiled Freedom

Freedom Denied

Rust in Peace

Abandoned Discards

Backroad Secrets Left to Rust

D.O.M. Dan said...

I'm back to leave another, but this time it's less of a caption and more of a poem:

My haulin' days are over

I'm no longer in tow

They didn't want me at the truck stop

But there's always room in Jellico

Sara said...

rode hard & put away wet . . . equals rust!

Omykiss said...

Love me - wrinkles and all!

me said...

I want what's behind door #2!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

lol! i don't even have a caption after reading 'rust in peace'... that's awesome and totally gets my vote.. even though you don't take votes for this.. I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carmi!

I'm workin' on a big ol' honking colorful TP post, but in the meantime, may I offer a few more captions? I missed out last week and my caption finger is getting a little twitchy (though there are several GREAT ones already posted!).

Trailer trash (I can't believe this hasn't been suggested!! :) )

Truck stopped

(Not) Running on empty

Flat tire

Road kill

Road weary

Wreck less abandon

Faded glory

Failure to thrive

Abandonment issued

Tornado magnet

Going, going...not quite gone

Land marked

That's it for now :). Hope spwriter doesn't sneak in at the 11th hour! ;)

Anonymous said...'s another:

Semi conscious