Monday, August 18, 2008

Look, Ma: Bylines!

It's been a while since I published something under my own name. As a journalist, I needed to change that. Sure, I chat with reporters often*, but writers need to write. So I wrote.

I've begun writing articles for You may recall that in my past life working for a research firm, I regularly wrote opinion pieces for this publication (see here, here, here and here for a few examples.) Well, now I write editorial for them. It's a freelance gig, and I'm actively pursuing others, too - suggestions most welcome...I can write pretty much anything. And well, apparently.
I've got more pieces in the pipeline, and will post links here as they go live. Hope you like 'em!

One more thing: Blogger's being bad tonight and not allowing me to upload a new photo - or any photo, for that matter. Which is too bad, because I had a seriously poignant one to share. I'll try again in the a.m. For now, click here if you haven't submitted your Thematic Photographic entry for this week yet, and here to join in this week's Caption This fun.

* I spoke with BNN's Andy Bell earlier today about the Google Android project, RIM's BlackBerry Bold and the evolving state of the smartphone market. Click here to load the video of the After Hours program, then drag the slider to about two-thirds in. Please don't laugh at my goofy head.

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me said...

We are so proud of you...and wish we were smart enough to understand what you wrote. Keep up the good work!