Saturday, August 02, 2008

Of times gone by...

Visual history
San Francisco, CA, July 2008 [Click to enlarge]

A sign is often the equivalent of an historical timestamp. One glimpse is enough to confirm when it first appeared. Beyond that, it tells, in a blink, a story of an era, a community and all the people who revolved around and within it. Colors, textures, word choices, architectures...they all seal the scene in our mind's eye.

I'm guessing this one's from at least 40 or 50 years back. And as I close my eyes and imagine what the streetscape looked like back then, I feel thankful that we have the ability to wonder about the life and times of places and people from long before we existed. Even on a trip far from home, it's a neat additional trip to take.

Your turn: We're still churning through signs as part of this week's Thematic Photographic theme (please go here for more.) Would you mind sharing a thought on what Britex Fabrics might have been like when this sign was new? Go nuts!

One more thing: I'll be posting a new Caption This entry later tomorrow. The latest one is still up for grabs. Click here if you're feeling creative.


swilek said...

i am finally able to access your blog and post my link to my signs!!

Hayley Townley, Jack of Many Trades said...


This Britex Fabrics sign is indeed an icon in San Francisco. Up until a few years ago, the sign and the building marked the mother-of-all-fabric stores. It was at least 6 stories. There was an entire floor dedicated to "buttons and notions". Britex has since moved a few blocks away, and I can only imagine what that move was like. There were literally thousands of rolls of fabric, and several layers of dust in the corners of the place.

That is awesome that you spotted something that is so special to those of us who have once lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. BTW, they opened up in 1952, and are still going strong.